Saturday, August 18, 2007

Blogging just for Money or for Passion Too

I have seen so many Start up Bloggers either Monetizing their Blog with PayperPost or ReviewMe Services at their early startup. Basically these services Pay Bloggers for Posting articles on Topics of their Choice on their Blog. Is it really worth?

Recently i read an article as show above a list of Top Earners at PayperPost and other Paid Review Services. I Particularly have nothing against Paid Bloggers but i definitely feel that Blogging just for the sake of Money seem to really reduce the Quality of Bloggers in the Blogging World.

Taking an example of any of the Top Bloggers like Stevepavlina, Problogger there is definite quality in their Blogs. One cannot make Huge Money in Blogging from Day One and it is certainly going to take some time depending on the amount of Time and effort you are putting into it.

On the other Hand there are Paid Posts where a Blogger posts about a Topic for example "Credit card Debt ". The Blogger who is reviewing the topic would have absolutely no knowledge about the topic but would have a Blog post on the Topic. Here is a nice example why one blogger has quit PayperPost Review.

Blogging definitely could be used for Monetization but at the same time one shouldn't Blog just for Money. Blog with Passion and you are definetely going to make a number of new friends and at the same time learn a number of things that you wouldnt learn in the outside word.

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Convert Youtube Video to iPhone Videos Format

Youtube to iPhone Video Convertor is a simple software that can be used to convert videos uploaded on Youtube to iPhone Video Format. This Free Youtube to iPhone Video convertor downloads Youtube Videos and converts Videos to iPhone Format which is the MP4 Video Format.

Once installed on your PC users have to input the Youtube Video Location on to the Youtube to iPhone Video convertor and users can extract the Youtube Video on to your Hard Disk. The converted video is stored in .MP4 format on your Disk. Further there is even an option where users can convert the Youtube video into various Video Bit rates and Resolution.

Further to the iPhone Video Feature the Software also can extract the Audio along from the Youtube Video files. This Software is not restricted to Youtube Video but can be used to convert videos at other Online Video sites like Google Video, Metacafe, Flixya, Revver etc.

The Software is a Free Version from DVDvideosoft and does not contain any Malware or Spyware installed along with the Setup File. The installer is just 4MB in size and is pretty impressive in terms of performance and iPhone Video Quality.

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Friday, August 17, 2007

Send Large Files Free with DropSend Storage Service

There are a number of Popular Online File storage services like Yousendit, Rapidshare services that lets users to Storage Large Files Online.

DropSend is a nice Service that lets users to Email Large Files of Size 1GB. The best feature that i like about it is that DropSend combines the Features of Online Storage services like Mozy, iBackup or Carbonite with Online upload services like Yousendit or Rapidshare.

There is always the option of Splitting Large files using some Free services like HJ Splitter and send them as Email attachments. This is probably the simplest way of Sending Large Files over the Internet.

DropSend service lets users to send Video, Audio and Image Files across the Internet. Users can send attachment as much as 5 Times per month and with a Maximum file size of 1GB for the Basic Version. The Attached files can also be Downloaded up to 7 Times and have a Validity of 7 days. what it means is that the files will be deleted automatically after 7 Days.

DropSend offers five different Version starting from the Free, Basic Plan, Standard, Pro to Business Versions. The first Four different versions vary in the Number of times a user can Download a File attachment and the amount of Online File Storage space.With the Free Desktop Versions users can upload Folders ,Zip Files as attachments.

Along with Large File attachment service DropSend allows users to store Files online and at the same time allow them to Share with other users. You can also use the Desktop Tool so that you can Upload the files directly from your Desktop.

DropSend supports both Macintosh and Windows 2000,XP,Vista Versions OS. A nice application of DropSend could be used to Archive and Backup your Entire Blog Collection Online. What do you Think....Drop by a Comment !

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Newspaper Phili Succumbs to Online Advertising

Growing Online advertising like Google AdSense is having its effects on Paper Newspaper as more and more readers are either turning away from reading Papers and books to Reading Blogs and News on the Internet.

Recent news about Philadelphia Courier Newspaper indicates that they have succumbed to the pressure of Online Advertising leading to Negative growth of Newspaper readers. Newspapers that are finding hard to survive with out Income are forced to Online Advertising like Google Adsense and Yahoo Publisher Network.

Philadelphia Courier a Premier newspaper has fallen in Love with Yahoo Advertising Network. Yahoo would be adding Advertising Technlogy and Advertising Sales to promote products on Philis Online Newspaper Site as the Newspaper is struggling to find Income and Readers.

Online Advertising certainy seems to have its effects as more than 400 Newspaper Online Versions have added Online Advertising to their Weblogs. The Best feature about Online Weblogs and Blogs is that Blogs allow a lot of Interactivity between Blog Readers and the Posts. Users can post their Opinions on whether they agree or Disagree on Topics of Interest. This basically creates a lot of enthusiasm and interest among Readers on Debatable Articles.

This is Probably something that lacks in Newspapers. As pointed out by this article on LA times that has pointed out that Newspapers as now a days unable to Engage Readers with their One way Written Topics.What do you say...

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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Record Writing your Email with Fuzzmail

Gone are the days of letter writing with Pen and Paper. In the present it is all Email, Instant Messaging, Twitter, iPhone and what not.. Technology has really kind of over spoilt the kids.

Fuzzmail is a nice online Email Service that is developed at MIT Media Lab by Hayes Raffle and Dan Maynes-Aminzade. So what is so different about Fuzzmail compared to other popular Email services like Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail ?.

Fuzzmail is basically an Emotional email service Where the Email services records you act of Writing Email.What it means is that You way of Writing your Email is recorded by Fuzzymail. For example you could add some words and than change them or else add colors or images to your Email but later decided to Remove them. Fuzzmail records all these instances of changes to your Email and send its over to the receiver.

The idea of Fuzzmail might not be as productive when you are Composing an Email to your Boss or Professor at school but would definitely help you if you are writing a Love Letter to your Girl Friend. It would show the amount of effort you have put in in writing the content of the letter to your lover. After all Girls love the Talk!

Fuzzmail is a free service that can be accessed at their website. There are several examples of Fuzzmail usage on the website for review before usage.

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Worlds Fastes Internet Connection in Sweden

United States might have the Largest Number of Internet Users compared to any other country in the World but when it comes to High Speed Internet it is the European Nations that are dominating the News.

Recent News from a Swedish News Paper indicates that the World's Fastest Internet Connection belongs to a 75Yr old Woman.

Sigbritt Löthberg mother of Swedish Internet legend Peter Löthberg owns a 40Gb High Speed Internet Connect at her Home. Would you believe that she can watch about 1500 HD TV Channels simulataneously on her TV. Further She can Download a High Definition Movie DVD in 2 seconds.

The Magazine says "The ultra-fast connection speed has been achieved by a new modulation technology. It allows data to be transferred directly between two routers up to 2,000 kilometres apart, without any intermediary transponders".

The presence of such a High Speed Broadband Internet Connection shows that Distance cannot limit the Bandwidth and Speed of Internet connection. While countries like North America and other European Countries enjoy High Speed Internet Connection it is still far from reality in Developing countries in Africa and Asia.

India the fastest Developing country still doesnt have dedicated Broadband connection even across Major cities like Delhi, Bombay, Chennai and Calcutta. Some Countries in Africa don't even know what Internet is and on the other end of the spectrum we have 40GB High Speed Connection. What a reality?. The funny thing about this article was that the most difficult part of setting up this internet connection was Installing Windows OS on her PC.

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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Adding Adsene to Blogger Blog PostsVideo

Did you know that there are about 138,000,000 Blogspot blogs and about 90% are unproductive Spam Blogs. Most of the Blogs still have the Dull and Lazy Blogspot Default Templates on them are basically Spam the Search Engines. Here is a nice Video Tutorial How Blogspot Bloggers can add Adsense Units to their Blogs and make them Productive.

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Are Keywords in Posts and Title URL's Important for Search Engine Traffic

Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN or take any other search Engine base their Results of a Search text based on the Keywords. This might be familiar for Bloggers but for Bloggers who are new to this Blogging World here is a tip for you .I have used this Technique for a couple of my posts and have seen an Increase in Search Engine Traffic. Read more to find the Search Engine Traffic Secret...

are nothing but words used by Search Engine Users across the World to find Content relevant to their Search Term. Search Engines use these Keywords and try to Find Relevant Pages on the Internet from across Billion's of Web pages . Blog Posts that have relevant content to the Search Term would be Displayed in the Search Results.

Again the Results would be Displayed based on Relevancy and then on the Freshness of the Content. So What do we learn from this Information ?. A Majority of Blogs that are growing up would get Traffic mainly from Search Engines compared to the Traffic from other Blogs or Link Exchange Websites.

who are Starting a Blog must give Importance to Keywords in order to Find Traffic from Search Engines. The Best Place to Start using Keywords would be in the Title and in the Blog posts. Title forms the First impression to a Blog Visitor. So that doesnt mean you flood in all the keywords in your Title. All it means is that the next time you post a Blog Post just think for a minute about Keywords.

Just think about the Keywords that your Visitor might use in Search Engines relevant to the content in your Blog post. Add one or Two Keywords in your Blog Post and a couple in your Blog Post to rank yourself high in your Search Engine. Adding Keywords to Title and Posts is Imperative of Bloggers who use Adsense or any other Content Based Ad System.

There are a number of sites promoting about Adsense Keywords, Top Paying Keywords, Popular Keywords, High Paying Keywords etc. I do not know if they work or not but following such a system will only degrade the Quality of your Content. Blogging is not about only Making Money. It is a way of Expressing your Interests. You need to Enjoy the Process of Blogging. After all if you can become Rich Overnight Who wouldnt want to...??

Google Adwards Tool, Overture and Word Tracker offer Nice Free Keyword Tools that let you Search for Keyword relevant to your Content. I Particularly like the Overture Keyword Selector Tool as it gives me a Number of the Quantity of Searches for the Keyword in the Current Month.

So the Next Time you Make a Post Try using of these Keyword Tools and Monitor your Posts for Traffic.

Remember that Blogging is a Learning Process and it will Take time and Traffic will grow Steadily. You could also try adding Images relevant to your Post to increase Visitors interest. Recent Survey indicates that most Visitors first Browse through a Blog Content first Before they sit down to Read Topics of interest on a Blog.

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Improve Website Quality Optimization with Website Grader

Website Optimization and Search Engine Optimization are probably the most searched keyword among Blogging Community. For a New Blogger who is stepping his foot in to this Blogger Community it all sounds Greek and Latin.

Website Grader is a nice tool that i use to Optimize my Blog. This Tool can be used to Optimize a website for Search Engines and at the same time help Bloggers evaluate their Website for Content, Keywords and Trouble shooting issues with their Blog.

In order to use the Website Grade all you need to do is type in the URL of your Website of Blog Page at their Website and your Blog Website would be evaluated for Content starting from Google Index Pages, Technorati Rank, Digg Pages, Meta Keywords, Image Summary, Readability Level of your Blog etc.

Optimization of your Blog for Content is really important in order to drive Search Engine Traffic. For most of the Blogger the main Traffic comes from Search Engines and one has to Optimize their Blogs for Search Engines.

You can get an Analysis if your Blog has too many Images and that is really slowing down your Blog. Though Google does not follow the Meta Keywords it is still used by other Search Engines like Yahoo and MSN. The Best feature that i like about this Website Optimizer(Grader) is the Readability Level of your Blog.

The Analysis would indicate what Grade of Education a Visitor to your Blog should be in order to Understand the Content of your Blog. I really like this feature as it helps me to make my posts simpler so that it can be understood by a 7th Grader.

Though the Website is more Directed towards commercial Websites it could be used by Bloggers to optimize their Blog.

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Monday, August 13, 2007

Increase Blog Readability by Adding Pictures

I Stumble across a lot of Blogs online and with information overflowing How does a User decide if he is going to read the content on the Blog or skip to the next Blog.

Well the question is really complex with no single answer but statistics on the Internet could give you an idea as to How you can Hold on to your Visitors with Quality Content and with a bit if Glamour.

A Recent Study by the Online Publishers Association has indicated that there is a 47% growth in users who are Interested in Watching Content rather than reading,Web search content only accounted for 5% of Internet usage. What does this study relate to Blogging?. Well the point that the study indicates is that First time Users tend to navigate across the website looking for Interesting Content rather than reading it.

It is said that " A picture can talk more than a few words" so the point that Iam trying to reach is that Bloggers need to have Quality Content but at the same time add some Life of Interest to your Posts with a Picture. An Image that is related to a Post will definitely catch the interest of the visitor.

With a new blog started at every few minutes it is important for Start up Bloggers to convert a First Time Visitor to a Returning Visitor. So the next time don't forget to add a picture to your Post.What do you think of the idea??.

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Zoho Writer adds more Language Features and Restores Full Search Feature

I have always been a fan of Open Source Software and one of my Favourites is the Zoho Software Bundle. Zoho could also be called as the Free Microsoft Office Package as it does offer features that are comparable to Microsoft Office. Zoho has recently updated its Writer Software to add more language support and a Search Feature included in Zoho Writer.

Zoho Writer is an Online Word Processing Software where users can create, share and Edit Word Document Files Online with ease. Users have no hassles of installing Large Software Packages on their Hard Disks using Zoho Writer. All you need to do is create a User name at Zoho Website and you are all ready to create, edit and modify a Word Document.

Zoho has a nice impressive design and offers great features that can be easily taught or learnt by novice or beginner users. I personally like a feature in Zoho Writer where Multiple users can work simultaneously on the same Document at the same Time. Zoho also allows users to use Switch Features where users can switch between various products offered like Zoho Chat,Zoho meeting , Zoho NoteBook etc with ease.

Zoho Latest Update has added Japanese Language support to Zoho Writer along with exisiting support to English , French, Spanish, German etc. The Full Search that has been disabled for a long time has been restored to allow users to search within Documents in English Only.

Zoho even offers an iPhone version Software known as iZoho. iZoho is the iPhone compatabile version of iZoho Office suite that by far is the best office software for iPhone.

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