Friday, August 10, 2007

How to Move Blogger Account between Blogger Users

One of my Friend who uses a Blogger account asked me if he could move his Blogger Account from one Account to another Account. After a little bit of work it is possible for Blogger with a Blogspot account to Transfer his Blog from One account to Another account.

How to Move Blogger Account:
  • First Login to your Blogger Account and in your Dashboard you would have three options under Tabs named Posting, Settings, Templates.
  • Select Setting Tabs and Choose the Permissions Sub Tab under it
  • Under the Permission Tab you need to add a Blog Author to whoom you want to Transfer your Blog account.
  • Send an invitation to the New Email Account to which you want to Transfer the Blog Account.
  • Next Logout of your Current Blogger account and ask the Blogger to whoom you want to Transfer the Account to accept the Invitation that was sent to him
  • Once the Invitation as Blog Author is Accepted than you need to Login back to your Blogger Account and Follow the same instructions as Posted above till you reach the Blog Authors Section.
  • Now in the blog Authors Section you would see two Email Account that have access to your Blog account as shown in the Screenshot.
  • If you look at the above screenshot you would see one account that has an Admin access and the new Blog author account that you recently added has a Guest Access .
  • Double Click the link "Guest" and the new Author would now have Admin access
Remove the old Blogger Account from the Admin access and the Blog is now Transferred to a New account . I would be interested if this Method Works for other Bloggers. Post your Reviews.
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Orkut Adds New Audio Video Image Upload Feature

Orkut the Social community site started by Orkut Buyukkokten has added some new features that could spice up the Social community site as it lags far behind Myspace and Facebook in terms of Volume and Numbers.

The scrap book feature in Orkut has been spiced up by adding features like adding Video, Audio and Image Upload Features in the site.

The Scrap Book till date would allow users to only send text messages and few smilies. These features were far remote compared to features offered by Myspace and Facebook. Orkut has added the new features where users can paste Dynamic HTML content like Video Links, Audio in to the scrap messages and users would be able to view its content right in the scrap book.
Orkut even allows users to post Podcast links and Image links on your ScrapBook. All you need to do is post the Html Link of your Images in your Scrapbook and the Images can be viewed right inyour Scrap Book. Google is seriously trying to catch up on Myspace and Facebook in terms of numbers.

Google has to really work on its Social Community site if it has to come anywhere near Facebook or Myspace. The Features in Orkut are pretty Limited and lack evolution.

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Auto Archive Feature in Microsoft Outlook 2003

Microsoft Outlook has a nice feature inbuilt that allows users to Auto Archive their messages at regular intervals as specified by the users. This is an inbuilt feature that most of the users are unaware . Auto Archiving regularly would help users in reducing access time to their Inbox and at the same provide an automatic archiving Feature of their Email messages on your PC.

In order to Auto archive email Messages users need to turn on this Auto Archive Feature that is located in Tools Menu of Microsoft Outlook. I currently use Outlook 2003 but the following steps would be applicable in other version of Microsoft Outlook too.

On the File Menu of Microsoft Outlook Select the Tools --> Options Sub menu and under the Options Sub menu Select the other Tab as Shown below

Choose the Auto Archive Button on the Menu leading to a Pop up Menu with Various options to select the time period for re occurrence of the Archiving Process. check the snapshot below.

You can set the Auto Archive Process to occur anywhere between 1day to 99 days . Archiving regularly does optimize the loading of Outlook for regular and high volume users. Users can also add an optional feature to either Archive the old Email messages in a folder of your choice or Delete Expired Items Permanently.

Further there is an add on feature to move old Email items that are older than 6 months to a .pst file or Delete them Permanently. This is a nice feature but at the same time users need to be cautious that you can loose Email Messages Permanently if you choose the second option. So think twice !!!

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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Coffee Perks up Old Womens Memory

A Research Study in France indicated that Consuming Caffeine regularly seems to boost the Memory power of Women aged 60 and above.

Research Statistics over 7000 people indicate the regular consumption of three or more cups of Jave Daily a Caffeine seems to perk the memory power of Women compared to their counter parts who don't consume Caffeine.

The results of the study indicate that consuming Caffeine seems to prolongate Dementia - (which is decline in Cognitive function leading to loss of memory) rather than eliminating it.

The interesting factor of this research study is that " Caffeine seems to far less effective in men than in women". It also indicated that Caffeine is more effective on Women than on Men as Women are generally more sensitive than Men.

What would a study on Green Tea would result in? Post your comment on what would you think if a research Study with Green Tea was result...

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Microsoft Launches Windows Live SkyDrive Beta

Another Microsoft Product that has been in testing phase for the last couple of months comes live today. Windows Live Folder was released about 2 months back in testing phase would now be known and Windows Live SkyDrive Beta.

Windows LiveSkyDrive is a Beta Version of its Online Storage service and is totally free for any users with a Hotmail, Microsoft Live Account or any other Microsoft Service.

The SkyDrive offers an initial Online Storage space of 500MB to users. Users can store any form of data starting from word documents, Audio and Video files. Windows

SkyDrive makes you feel like home with a Folder Design of its Storage space. Users also have the option of password protecting their folders to prevent unauthrized access to your content. Further adding to is the enhanced feature where users can classify folders as private, Public or shared folders. What it means is that a user decides whether the content of each folder in his SkyDrive can be accessed by others or not.

In order to share a folder with your friends users need to just send a link of the folder to share and that is it you are ready to share the contents of the folder. Further adding to it is the misuse protection feature where users other than the owner will not be allowed to modify the content of the folders.

SkyDrive Beta is currently available in US, UK and in India. The initial Features of SkyDrive is nothing different from any other Online Storage Service like Mozy, Carbonite Services. If you do not have a Windows Live account you can register for it on their Homepage.

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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Sleep and Sleep Stages Do you Know

Wikipedia defines sleep as "state of natural rest observed in humans and throughout the animal kingdom, in all mammals and birds, and in many reptiles, amphibians, and fish".

Do we really know more about sleep and its stages. Here are some thoughts that we wanted to share with out readers about Sleep stages.

Sleep is probably something that is a must for survival and for proper health. Beyond the five words of sleep there is really more about sleep that you need to know about it.

Sleep is basically classified in to two stages known as NREM and REM. NREM is known as Non Rapid Eye Movement and REM is known as Rapid Eye Movement. And further Sleep has been classified in to 5 stages. Here is a snapshot of Sleep stages

All Humans would start off with a REM stage in their sleep and proceed towards towards a NREM or REM stage. In an Non Rapid Eye movement stages your body is active but your brain is inactive and viceversa for Rapid Eye movement stage. All of us pass through a series of REM and NREM stages before finally settling in Deep Sleep.

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Jing Capture Images Share Videos in Email,Blogs and IM

Jing Project is a product from the Tech Smith that also provided us with the amazing screen cast software Camtasia.

Jing is currently a Freeware software that is available in both Mac OS and Windows Versions. Jing lets users to Capture Images and Share Videos with your Friends, Family Members etc.

Jing Project is a new method where users can share Images of their Desktop Snapshot or record a video of their Desktop activity and share them with other users. The recorded Images are stored in .png format and videos are stored in .swf format.

Once an Image snapshot or Video is recorded the url for them is pasted in to your JING clipborad and users can paste the link in Email, Instant Messengers and Blogs to share it with others.

The Quality of Video recording and the Screen Image capture of Jing are very impressive and High Quality compared to any other Image capturing softwares that i have used till date. Jing has some good features for a normal user except going through the process of installing Microsoft .net 3.0 Framework that would take considerable resources of your Processor.

Check out the Video of Jing Project with a description of its features on their Home page . Youd you can too download it for free at Jing Project.Have you used any other Screen casting Software. Share you comments about them.

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Keywords in Blog Post and Title are Important for Search Engines

There is so much of talk about Keywords and Search Engine Optimization that a Blogger gets lost totally in it.

For an Amateur Blogger who has started his blogging career the most important aspect would be to start posting regularly. Posting regularly would not only give an impression to the visitors that the content is fresh and it also keeps the search crawlers revisiting your Blog.

Once you have posted for a couple of days regularly you would start gaining knowledge from fellow blogger's about use of Keywords, RSS feeds, Email Posting and about improving Blog Design to attract your visitors. This is something that you could develop on. You could probably learn about Feed services like Zookoda, Feedburner or Feedblitz.

So you have come to a point where you want to increase Traffic to your Blog and here would be the point where the importance of keywords in your Blog comes in to play. Keywords are defined as

" Search words that users type in to a search engine to find related content".

For example take the case of "Paris Hilton". The screenshot shows the search results for the term in Word Tracker.

Research from Search Engine Journals has indicated that over 50% of users will click search results from the first 3 pages of their keyword related search results in Google, Yahoo or any other Search Engine. The majority of Traffic to any Blog is received from Search Engine unless you are Perez Hilton or a Gizmodo Blog.

In order for Blog Posts to reach the top pages of Google Search Results it is imperative that users use Keywords in their Title and Posts. So the next time you post your Blog just think for a minute about the keywords that could be used in your Blog post. For the above example you could add keyword in your title "Paris Hilton, Jail, Celebrity " etc.

Again the emphasis is that you can only increase your Traffic by posting regularly and not just by having keywords in your Post. Keywords are useful for your blog posts to reach the top pages of the search Engines.

Google has a nice keyword tool that users can use to check for the Keywords that are recognized in your Blog and at the same time gain information about the search volume and competition for keywords on the Web. This would be an useful tool for bloggers to find search volume for terms and at the same time analyze your Blog for keyword Content.

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Top Iphone Applications and Widgets for your Apple Iphone

Yesterday we had posted an article on some of the coolest iPhone applications that are available for iPhone lovers. Here is another set of Applications and Widget list that any iPhone reader must have in his iPhone.

iPhone RSS Feed Reader: This is a nice application to read RSS feeds on their iPhone. News ranging from Current Affairs, Blogs to Top Videos on You tube. You can catch the latest news on your iPhone with this application installed.

Share Video Audio with Glide:Glide is a free service that lets users to share video, Audio, Document and Photos on your iPhone. Users are provided with a Free 2GB storage space to save their files. Once the files are uploaded in your Glide account you can view them in your iPhone.

Marble Jumper:This is a nice Free game for your iPhone that users Triangular Formation Method.

Solitaire for iPhone:The most happening free game with Windows 95 Operating system. A popular Time pass game for Card Gamers on your iPhone.

Google Search for iPhone: Google has customized their search engine to fit to the small screen size of your iPhone.

Minesweeper Game for iPhone: This is my favourite Game on a PC and here is the iPhone version of the Game. It Reminds me of the Yester yeard of Windows 95 and Windows 98 Operating Systems on my PC.

iPhone Drive:This piece of software lets users to easily transfer files from your Mac to your iPhone and use it as a Hard disk to store files, vidoes, Documents etc . The demo version of the software is free and the paid version costs about 10$.

FaceBook for iPhone: This is probably my favourite application for iPhone. This widget lets users to browse their Facebook profile on their iphone. The widget is attached to the Facebook login to connect to your Profile.

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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

What is an RSS Feed ?

Users outside the Blogging World are probably aren't much aware How powerful is an RSS feed . when some one asks you the Question What exactly is an RSS feed ??. Here is a nice video that is posted explained about the What RSS Feed is and describing about advantages of using an RSS feed over other mediums of news. Here is the Video..

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How to Install Windows XP over Windows Vista

This has the most popular question among some of the forums with users purchasing PC's with Windows Vista and later wanting to revert to Windows XP due to the un stability of Vista.

Windows XP is by far the most stable version of Windows and by far the most reliable Operating system from Microsoft. Installing XP over Windows Vista seems to more Tiresome compared to installing it vice versa.

To install Windows XP over Windows Vista:

Windows Vista has a cool feature where users can adjust their Hard Disk volume by shrinking it. Use the Shrinking Feature that is available when you Right click on Start menu and Choose Manage.

Once Right clicked you would come in Computer Management Panel Where you can choose the Storage Menu and then choose the Disk Management Option as show.

Once the Shrinking of the Disk is done you would have a new partition on your Hard Disk.

Right Click the Unused Partition and assign a Disk Volume to it .

Restart your PC and put in your Windows XP CD in your CD or DVD Drive to install Windows XP on the new partition.

Once Installed you PC would start in Windows XP as the Boot option of Windows Vista would be lost. Now install any of the Boot Magic Software's to Boot Multiple OS on your Operating Systems. Boot Magic is a software that lets PC to boot multiple Operating systems on a Single PC.

VistabootPro is a nice Freeware software for booting with Multiple Operating Systems

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Best Iphone Applications for Iphone Lovers

The iPhone buzz continues with some mixed thoughts among the first purchasers. But iPhone is one tool than any of the Mac Fans would love to have his hands on one of it. Here are some of the cool Applications for iPhone lovers

Ipheedr News Aggregator: Ipheedr is a news aggregator that users can use to import OPML files from Google Reader, Bloglines, News Gator etc. Bloggers can use this Ipheedr tool to download and read their Favourite RSS Feeds from their PC.

Readdle Image Viewer: Readdle is a nice application to view doc, gif, html, jpeg, pdf, rtf, txt, xls files on you iPhone. Users have to register for Free on the Readdle website. Once registered users can upload images and pdf files in their accounts. As the files are uploaded in to your account you can view the image files or documents on your iPhone.

Pocket Tweet:
Pocket tweets is a Web based client that can be used to update your status on Twitter, View Friends status and also access your Twitter messages.

Movie Trainlerconnect:Users can watch Trailer from Apple's Trailer site using this Movie Plugin for the IPhone. This is a nice feature for the Mac fans to watch Movie Trailers on their iPhone.

Goolge GUI Terminal:Google code project released a Mobile terminal application that lets users to console an ssh client connection to file servers.

BeeJive: BeeJive is an instant messenger service that connects your iPhone to popular Messenger services like AIM®/iChat, MSN®, Yahoo!®, GoogleTalk®, ICQ®, and Jabber. Beejive lets users to store chat, switch between chats and users can even send emails from char screen. Beejive has an unlimited Emoticon collection for iPhone Lovers.

Sudoku for iPhone:If you are a Sudoku fan like me than this a must have plugin for all iPhone users. The Interface is excellent and loads pretty fast on your iPhone.

IFuntastic Custom Ringtones: Mac world has a nice tutorial about new ring tones on your iPhone. If you are a Ring tone Geek than this tutorial is a must read for you.

iPhone The Missing Manual: David Pogue has a nice ebook for users looking for a manual to learn about the features in an iPhone. I haven't read this book and have no comments on it. From the Gossip across the Mac world it is seen that the iPhone Missing Manual bridges the gap between an Amateur Mac Fan and a Die Hard Fan in knowing about the product.

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Blogger Updates add Related Profile Search Feature in Blogger Profile

Blogger has added another excellent feature of related search in Blogger's Profile. Blogger's can now visit Blogs that are related to search terms in their Blogger Profile. That is if you have listed the term "Blogger" as one of your Interests in your Blogger profile you can now search all Blogger users who have similar interests in Blogger.

Blogger's can even find fellow bloggers who are busy blogging in your Town or you might discover your next house Neighbour who is also a Passionate Blogger. This is an excellent feature in finding poeple of similar interests, thoughts and future partners etc.

The search results are powered by Blogger search Engine and search results would be listed based up on the Freshness of the content and relevancy. What it means is that Blogs that are recently updated with relevant content would be listed higher compared to other Blogs with relevant content

This is a great feature for Bloggers to find fellow bloggers in your locality and with similar interests. Are you still waiting. Go update your Profile in your Aboutme Page!!

Blogger users can turn of this feature so that they aren't listed in the search results. Simple go to your Profile Page and "Uncheck my Profile" option to be unlisted.

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Monday, August 06, 2007

FireFox ScrapBook Extension Can Save any Thing on the Web

FireFox is probably the one of the best invention in the Tech world. If there is a reason that one need to move from Internet Explorer to FireFox than that would be ScrapBook Extension.

FireFox Browser has some cool Extensions for your PC and ScrapBook gets added to that list of Top Extensions. ScrapBook Extension lets users to Store copies of Information, Pages and Entire Websites.

ScrapBook is packed with a lot of impressive features packed in to a little bit of Plugin. ScrapBook lets users to Capture a Text, Single Page, Multiple Pages or Capture All Pages and Links related to a Web page. Users can Filter content to Download only text in the Webpage or also Download Videos linked to the site.

The best feature about ScrapBook is that users can access the captured Pages Offline. Users need not be connected to the Internet to connect to the Captured pages.

Users need to be really choosy while picking content for Capture. It would lead to unnecessary capture of items like videos than can load your Browser to a great Extent. The feature in ScrapBook that allows to decide what to Download and What not to Download on a Website is perhaps the best feature of all the Firefox Extensions.

Scrap Book is perhaps the Best Extension that i have found on the Internet for saving and Storing Online information. Do you know any other Extensions. Share it !. You can Download the ScrapBook Extension for Free . Here is a nice tutorial on ScrapBook by Andrew Giles

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How to be or becomer a good Blogger

Blogging has evolved at an amazing exponential pace and a blog is started almost every few minutes across the Globe. With growth of Google Adsense and Contextual Advertising Blogging has become a profession for some bloggers like Problogger and Labnol.

If you are an Amateur Blogger or one interesting in Blogging here are some thoughts to share in order to become a successful Blogger.

So you have thoughts of starting a Blog . The next question that comes up to you is What do i blog about?. .

Topic of Blogging : Take a piece of paper and note down subjects that interest you and are passionate about them. You could probably start a Blog and any of the topics that you are passionate about it. Some one might like to write about Celebrities, Cars, Love, Cooking and Photography. What ever it is Bloggers need a Passion and need to hold on to that passion to become a Successful Pro blogger.

How to Start a Blog: Blogger's can use one of the services like Blogger, Live Journal or Word press. It is suggested that Blogger's should start a blog on their own Domain. You never know you could be the Next Face book or Hotmail.

Blog Regularly: Blogging Regularly is something that would definitely be difficult for Beginners. Be Patient and stick to a Schedule of Writing atleast one post per Day. Readers can find News about their Topics of Interest in News Papers, Magazines, RSS Feeds etc.

Dont Blog Alone: Blogging is Definitely not a one man show. Well Blog can be written by one person but one needs to participate in a community at least till a blogger gets recognized. Participate in Forums, Comment on other Bloggers, Interact with Blogger's and Encourage comments.

Learning Process: To be a Successful blogger it is going to take time. Behind every Blogger's success there is an enormous amount of Hard work and time.It is a matter of time and if you hold on to that extra moment than success would come around your corner. With time Blogger would find a number of friends ,loyal readers and fame.

Exchange Links: There is so much on news about Search Engine Optimization , Page Rank, Keyword etc. For a Blogger who has just started Blogging the most important aspect would be to post Regularly and Post quality Content.

Never Cut and Paste Content from another Blog: Never lift content from a Blog and Post it in your Blog. This is the worst that a Blogger can do to his Blog. One can never become successful by lifting content from another post. Writing is an art. Some are born writer while others become Good Writers. If you are not a Born Writer it is definetly going to take time. You need to be willing to learn from other Bloggers.

The above are just a small number of thoughts that i wanted to share with my readers. You could be Blogging for Money or Passion. Again the emphasis would be be to start with Quality and Regularity to pave way in becoming a successful Problogger.

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Scribus vs Microsoft Publisher Which is Better ???

Microsoft Publisher is probably the most popular Desktop publishing Software in the software world. One close Open source Desktop publishing Software that can come close to it is Scribus.

Scribus is an open source Desktop publishing tool that is available in Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. The latest version of Scribus even supports the Windows Vista version. Scribus software can be used to create Banners, Greeting cards, Signs, Brochures and Newsletters. Scribus allows features of flexible layout and prepare files for Professional Quality. Scribus can also creates animated and interactive PDF presentations like newspapers, brochures and newsletters.

Scribus is pretty impressive once it is installed on your PC. Its ease of loading fonts, sleek look of the loading screen and its resemblance to Microsoft Publisher make it as immediate choice among users. It is an impressive alternative to Microsoft Publisher that costs about 200$ in the market.

However the Installation process of Scribus is pretty tiresome and would make the amateur users go Mad!. Once Installed Scribus offers some amazing features that could one day beat Microsoft Publisher. Welcome to the world of Open Source!

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Gimpshop is the Free Adobe Photoshop Version

A copy of Adobe Photoshop Full Version would cost you about $700 and one would have to think twice before making investment in purchasing Adobe Photoshop. Gimpshop is a nice alternative to Adobe Photoshop.

Gimpshop is a Open Source Software from Plasticbugs based on GIMP(Graphical Image Manipulation Program) that offers Features that could be comparable to the Holy grail of Photoshop editing software Adobe Photoshop.

Gimpshop offers features ranging from a start up of touch up to photos to working on different layers, Adding Filters and effects . It has tools that can be used from an amateur photo enthusiast to a geeky Photographer.

Gimpshop has a nice Layout similar to Adobe Photoshop and offers an enormous number of features, Brushes and capabilities. You could probably call to Photoshop Freeware!.

Gimpshop is a nice advanced image editing software when compared to Windows Paint, Picassa, and Irfan View. Gimpshop has different version of software for Windows XP and Mac OS-10X. However users have faces crashed when installed in Windows Vista. Gimpshop is pretty easy to download and install in less than 3 minutes. Users can easily Open,edit pictures and Save it. But the Two level user interface on Gimpshop might be something that is new for a Adobe Photoshop users.

With the Pro's of Freeware, Small Size and Enormous amount of features Gimpshop seems to be a favourite software for all users who would want to have a Freeware Version of Adobe Photoshop.

Users can Download the Gimpshop Image Editing Software for Free. Gimpshop offers Mac OS version and also Linux Version. Here is a nice Tutorial for installing in Linux

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