Saturday, August 04, 2007

Microsoft Word Trick Creates Word Backup Files

This is probably not a Trick but a Hidden Option in Microsoft Word that most of the users are not aware when using Word. Microsoft Word has a nice feature in Office 2003 where users can create a Backup copy of every Microsoft Word File that they create and Save in their Work area.

Users can always save a Word File on a Different name as a Backup Copy. But as Humans as Blessed with the "Power of Forgetting things" it becomes imperative for us to let Microsoft Word to Handle that Job.
  • Open a Word Document and Select the Tools Option in your Menu.
  • Under the Tool Menu Choose Options.
  • In the Options Menu you need to choose Tab that is names "Save". See the Screenshot below

  • Under the Save Menu Tick the Option " Always Create Backup Copy".
  • Once this Option is selected and Saved than any file that is saved in Microsoft word would be Backed up.
  • The Backup File would be created in the same location as the Original File but the name of the file would be prefixed with the word "Backup".
This option would be particularly useful in case one deletes or loses his original copy.Users can Restore the Backup Copy and use it.

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Minimum Requirements to Run Windows Vista

If you are one of those who are Planning to Upgrading from Windows XP to Windows Vista than this Post is going to be of use to you. Windows Vista the latest Operating system launched by Microsoft indeed requires a Powerful Processor and lots of Additional memory to run your PC smoothly.

Minimum Requirements to Run Windows Vista:

Microsoft recommends a PC with a minimum processing speed of 800MHz and a Memory(RAM) of 512 MB along with DirectX 9 Video Card. We all know that the minimum requirements are not the best option of any OS. So the Recommended Requirements for a Windows Vista Installation would be in Compliance with Windows Vista Premium Ready Edition where your PC would require a Processing Speed of 1 GHz.

Your Processor could be 32 Bit of 64 Bit and at least have 1GB of memory(RAM) along with a (Windows Display Driver Model )WDDM Driver and a Graphical Processing Unit(GPU) with 256MB of Dedicated Memory.

You would also need a Pixel Shader 2.0 with 32 bits per pixel, 60GB Hard Disk Space and 20GB of free Hard disk Space along with a working DVD-ROM drive with audio and video ouput and an Active Internet Connection.

All this Requirements can also be found on the Windows Vista Website and users would probably need to have other components if they want features like TV tuning capabilities etc..

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Friday, August 03, 2007

Create Free Online Spreadsheets Using NumSum Utility

NumSum is a nice utility to Create and Share your Spreadsheets Online with your Friends, Family any one they want to share the Spreadsheets. NumSum is a simple and impressive Online Utility for Creating Spreadsheets. Users can not only create Spreadsheets but at the same time Export the Spreadsheets from Excel and other Utilities.

NumSum lets users to enter data similar to Microsoft Excel and users can add Formulae, Charts, Calculate Total etc on the Spread sheet Data. Users can even add Images and Links in the Spreadsheets. These are some of the Many Features that NumSum offers to Users.

The Best Feature of NumSum is that users can Create Spreadsheets Online and can customize it to be Private or Public. Users can than Share the Public Videos with their Friends, Colleagues or Business Partners. All you need to do is to send the URL of the Spreadsheet Page to the Shared User.

NumSum Features are Impressive and its Ease of use and Free availability makes it a great way to share Spreadsheets Online across Users.NumSum is an Ajax Based Project and here is a snapshot of it

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Best Ten Firefox Extensions for your PC

Mozilla had recently released a New Updated Version of its FireFox Browser ahead of its most anticipated Version 3.0 which could be announced in a couple of months. FireFox has been my favourite for many reasons but one of them it the users ability to Install Plugins in to the Browser. Here are some of the Best FireFox Extensions that i wanted to share with my Readers.

FireFox Best Ten Extensions:

The NewTab Homepage: This is a nice applet that lets the Plugin to automatically load your Homepage whenever you open a New Tab on your FireFox Browser.If you have multiple Tabs already Open the First Page in the Browser is selected as the Home page.

Gmail Drive Extension: Gmail could be used as a Virtual Hard Drive to store your Files.The Plugin created an Option called Gspace in the FireFox Tools Menu. The Plugin connects to your Gmail Login and users can store Files in your Gmail Drive. However many users have reported that the Gmail Drive Extension doesn't work with the Latest version of the FireFox Browser.

AdBlock Plus: Everyone of us have faces from Spyware, Adware on our Computers. AdBlock is a nice Plugin to prevent Websited from Loading ads in to your Browser. This Plugin by eliminating Adware actually speeds up the loading of Websites to an Extent.

Fire FTP Version 0.97:
Fire FTP is a File Transfer Plugin where users can download Files, Folders, Videos from the Web using the Firefox Browser. The Plugin Provides Encryption service to protect the upload the Download of files from the File server. I particularly like the Drag and Drop Feature in the Plugin to Upload and Download Files.

IE Tab Browser:The IE Tab Browser lets users to add the IE Browser in to the FireFox Browser. This is a Great Utility for Die Hard FireFox fans as some of the websites and software's are still only Compatible with Internet Explorer. This is probably another feature that makes FireFox a better Browser compared to IE.

All-in-One Sidebar 0.7.1:
An All in One Sidebar lets users to add a Sidebar to your FireFox Browser. This Sidebar provides an easy way to access your Menu Options in your FireFox Browser. The Sidebar is very user Friendly letting users to customize its Position, Width, Height etc.

Foxy Tune Music Plugin:
This is an awesome music player in a Browser. Foxy Tunes Plugin install a small audio player in your Browser that lets users play audio files of several popular formats like wmv,mp3 etc. Users can control any Media Player like the Windows Medial Player, VLC player, Foobar 2000 Player playing on your Desktop using Foxy Tunes.

Duplicate Tab 0.9:
As the name sounds this Plugin lets users to Clone of Duplicate the existing Tab of your Browser. Usually a FireFox Browser loves to open a Blank Page if a Home page is not setup or else open the Home Page when ever a new Tab is Opened. Using Duplicate Tab you can Open the Page in your Existing Tab in the New Tab or Windows. Try it out its Fun!

Answers Plugin 2.2.27
All of us would have used the website once or Twice but this Plugin lets you use the same feature in your FireFox Browser. This Plugin allows users to Find Explanations or Answers to Terms that they Dont understand or like more Information about the Terms. Users need to Hold the Alt + and click on any Word in the Browser. A Pop up would open up with an Explanation of the Term.

Wizz RSS News Reader RSS is a hot technology that is growing too fast in the current year. So if you Didnt know What is an RSS Feed you need to check out this Video. Wizz RSS Reader is a nice Plugin that lets users Read RSS Feeds in their Browser. The Plugin is a simple and Impressive.

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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Create Reminders with Sticky Notes on Desktop

Sticky Notes is a Nice Desktop Reminder Tool similar to Post it Notes Software that i had covered a couple of days back in an earlier post.

Sticky Notes is a Freeware Tool that can be Downloaded absolutely for Free. It is an Unlimited Edition where users can use as many Stick Notes as Required to make Notes on the Desktop of the PC.

Sticky Notes has nice colorful Interface with a Option to change the Font Size, Background Color and Font Type to suit for Different Notes.

Sticky Notes is also Available in Transparent Mode for Users using Windows 2000/XP operating system. There is also a Feature where you can lock Sticky Notes on the Desktop for being Deleted or Forgotten. Users can move StickyNotes anywhere on the Desktop depending on the likes and Dislikes.Users can Find More Features of StickyNotes to know more about the Product.

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Jodix is the Free Ipod Video Convertor

Jodix is a Nice Free Software that could be used to convert Video of Various Formats like MPEG, WMV, RM, RMVB, DivX, ASF, VOB in to a Format that could be Playable with your Ipod. The Software is Freeware and does not Install any Spware or Adware on your PC.

The Minimum Requirements for Installing the Software is DirectX 8.0 Version of Higher and is Compatabile with Windows Version 98,ME,XP and 2003. You need to have atleast 10MB of space free in the Hard disk.

The Interface of the Software is Pretty Nice and the Audio and Video Quality of the Ipod Video Format is Pretty Impressive. You can Download the Software for Free.

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Remove Spam in your Mailbox with Spamato Latest Version 0.99.9

If there are two things that you cannot avoid over the Internet are the Spammers, Adwares, Spwares and Virsuses, Worms. One of the most Freqeunt use of the Internet is to send Email Messages. Here is a Nice Tool that users can use to Prevent SpamMail in their Inbox.

Spamato is available as an add-on for Microsoft Outlook, an extension for Thunderbird and Mozilla Mail, and as a stand-alone proxy component. Spamato is a Totally Free Service Utility that works on Several Platforms and is Completed Based on Java Platform.Spamato is a Open Source Software that can also be Customized by Advanced Users. Source Forge is looking for Enthusiastic Developers to Develop Plugins for the Software.

The Latest Version of the Spamato Software is Compatible with Windows Vista Operating System. Being Open Source and based on Java helps Spamato to be Compatabile with any Operating system.

Spamato has an Inbuilt filter system that Filters the Incoming messages in to the Mailbox based on Keywords, URL's, Mail Domain etc. Spamato creates a Database to keep Track of all the Spam Messages in your Inbox.

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Customize Windows XP with Fresh UI Utility

Utility. Fresh Fresh Devices has recently launched the latest Version 7.88 of Fresh UIUI is a Free Tweaking Tool to Configure and Optimize your Operating Systems including Windows Vista. The Previous Versions were compatible with Windows XP, ME, 2000, 98 and 95 Versions.

One could call it as Tweaker Heaven Tool for Operating Systems. Users can Change an Infinite Number of Setting in your Operating system Many of which are Unexplored by Normal Users.

You can Change Settings from the Simple Customizing Windows User Interface (UI),Optimizing system settings, Optimizing hardware settings, Customizing Windows application settings, Controlling user environment with policies.

The Interface has a Nice Description of the Settings that the users Wish to Change in his Operating system Settings. Users can Choose to Enable, Disable the settings by Double clicking the Link Attached to the Task. Fresh UI also gives a Detail Descripton of the Operating Systems that the Option is Supported. Here is a Snapshot
It is a Must Have utility for all Users and it allows Novoice users to Customize Settings. The Navigation Panel is nicely Designed and Each Menu has a Detailed Description of the Tasks allowing users to Customize the Settings for the Selected Task.

Free UI can be Downloaded for Free without any Banners or Adwares attached to the Software.

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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

How does a Wireless Network Router Work

Wireless Routers are Devices that can be used to create a Wireless Network at Homes, Offices or Public Places like Restaurants, Hotels etc. So How does a Wireless Router Work?.

A Wireless Router basically work with Signals in the Radio Frequency Range with the Wireless Network Card that is Installed on the PC. The important aspect of this Signal exchange system is that both the Network Card and the Router works in the same Radio Frequency Range allowing Data Transmission Back and Forth between the Devices.

A Wireless Router instead of using a Physical Wired Connection between Devices uses the Radio Frequency range signals to Transmit Signals Back and Forth between the devices. A Router is an Intelligent Device that can decide whether a signal needs to Transmitted to the Internet or to a Local Computer on the Internet.

The Strength of Signal Depends on the Manufacturer and the actual Internet Signal Strength Provided by the ISP. A Wireless Network also adds the Funcitonality of Securing the Network with Security Keys, Firewalls etc. Wireless Networks are a Great way to add roaming Functionality to Devices like Laptops, Printers etc.

How Rich are You in this World

Bill Gates and Warren Buffet are Probably the Richest People in the World. But here is a Nice tool that compares where you Stand in the World. GlobeRichList is a Cool Tool where users can Input their Annual Income and the Website would Indicate the Position as to where you stand among the Richest People in the World.

The site also Indicated a nice statistic that Microsoft Bill Gates Owns More Money than 45% of American Households. What a Contrast of the Rich and Poor in this World. There is nice statistic that indicates that if every Average person in this world Donates about 32$(1200 Indian Rupees) the Poor People in this world would not die of Starvation and Hunger.

The site is Based on World Bank Statistics and indicates a Average Annual Income of $5000 across each Household. So Find out where you stand in the Global Rich List

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How to a Start a Blog using Blogger Service

The Title is Pretty much Self Explanatory for everyone. Here is a Nice Video by the Google Blogger Team Member Introducing How a user can Create a Free Blog at Blogger Service.

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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Best Free Registry Cleaner For Non Commericial Use

Anti Virus and Anti Spyware go in hand together. You need to have both Anti Spyware and Anti Virus Product for a Healthy PC. The first Section that get affected from a Spyware, Adware or Malware is the Registry. Further adding to them are the Softwares that do not Clean up Completely when Uninstalled from the PC.

Registry is Probably the most sensitive part of your Windows XP, Vista or Other Operating Systems. Tweaking too much in to the Registry(probably the hear of the OS) without a knowledge what you are actually doing can only lead to Scary Situation of Reinstalling the OS.

Tweaknow is Free Registry Cleaner Software that cleans all the mess created by other Softwares that are Uninstalled. Tweak Version 3.01 which is the Latest Updated Version supports the Windows Vista OS. TweakNow has other Premier Editions with Advanced Features for purchase by Interested users.

Tweaknow creates Backup of all the Registry before a scan begins and also offers customization option to check only for a Particular Registry change. Tweaknow has a Simple GUI and Solid Performance in terms of Registry Cleaning.

Another Must have Utility for all PC Owners! and can be Downloaded at Tweaknow Website.

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How to Change the MAC Address of a PC

SMACK is an utility that can be used for Spoofing your MAC Addresses of any Network Interface cards on Various Operating Systems like Windows Vista, XP or 2000. SMACK is an Intelligent utility that Performs a Software Spoofing of the MAC Address of the NIC.

SMACK Software is a Free Utility that can be Downloaded at their Website. SMACK offers complete Protection to users by Hiding the Actual MAC Address of users in the Wi-Fi Enabled Areas. SMACK offers the Evaluation Version for Free but has Five Different Versions available for Commercial or Users requiring Advanced Features. SMACK Spoofing Feature will remain active even active Reboots of the PC.

SMACK has an Evaluation Edition,Professional, Edition, Standard Edition,Site Licence and Enterprise Licence Editions. The Evaluation Version only allows users to Spoof MAC Address of the Active Network Adapters in the Locality.

After Changing the Mac Address
SMACK could be particularly useful at localities where Users are tracked for their MAC Addresses. It would also Protect users from Unauthorized MAC address access to your Network
and to your Personal Computer.

SMACK is a must have and probably the only utility that can spoof the MAC address for any kind of Network.

Blogger Finds his Love with his Wife Hunting Blog

Allan Willis and Claire Marjoram has never met in their Life before July 3rd 2007. Allan is from Canada and Claire is from England. So what do they have in Common?.

Allan was bored of Dating sites and so he started his own Blog AreyoumyWife. Allan Travelled across the World and dated across Europe, United States, China, Australia, Dubai, Canada etc searching for his Perfect Soul mate. Besides searching for his Soul mate Allan Blogged about his Dating Experiences and Ultimate Wish of Finding Some one Whose thoughts matched.

Claire Marjoram heard about Allans Quest in a Newspaper in England and a First Date went on to Frequent Meeting, Exchanging Mails and Ultimately Uniting in Thailand.

Allan Continues to Blog at AreyoumyWife and currently resides with Claire Marjoram in London.(Imagesource)

Firefox Latest Version Released

Mozilla has recently released a new Version of FireFox Browser with a Lot of Security Bugs being Fixed. Today Mozilla released the Latest Version of FireFox Browser with a Critical Bug being Fixed.

Mozilla fixed a Critical Security issue could cause Vulnerability and Hackers can use this to their advantage to run attacker code and install software, requiring no user interaction beyond normal browsing.

The bug was found by one of the FireFox browser users and it related to an issue where an URI Passed on to External Programs did not Percent Encode Spaces and Double Quote the URI's.

This issue could allow execution of any program installed at a known location and limited argument passing that might be enough for a Spammer or Hacker to exploit a system.

Download FireFox Version for Windows, Mac and Linux Version.

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Monday, July 30, 2007

What and How to use Really Simple Syndication (RSS) Feeds

A Survey Indicated that only 1/10 Readers on the Internet know what Exactly is a RSS reader. Here is a Nice Video that Explains What is an RSS Feed ? is and How users can use RSS Feeds to access News from Popular Blogs and News Sites.

Play with your Feeds using Protopage Feed Reader

Protopage is a Site that has more to do with Fun that work. The site is a Feed Reader to begin with but has you would spend more time with Cartoons, Podcasts, Video Feeds and finally the Widget Tool.

Protopage is an Ajax based Feed Reader that adds a Lot of interactivity to Feed Readers compared to a Google Reader or the Blog lines Feed Reader.

Each User can Customize his Protopage based on his needs. By Default there are Five Sections like the Podcast, Cartoons, Videos, Productivity and Untitled Sections. Users can add as Many Sections as Required to their Protopage.

Feed Readers can also add Widgets, News Feeds to their Protopages by entering the Feed Address directly in to the Feed Bar. Readers can add Widgets like Calendars, Photos, Web page,Email Box, Google Maps, Sticky Note etc to their Feed pages. Users can even add Third Party Widgets to their Protopages. Further users can set their Protopages as Personal, Public or Password Protected.

I like the Feature of Password Protection Where a user can set a Group Password to Page that can be accessed by Multiple users using the Password.

I Particularly like the Interactiveness of Protopage Feed Reader. Blog lines and Google Readers are Kind of Uninteresting without any kind of Interactivity in the Feed pages. The Ajax Based News Aggregator .

Protopage looks similar to the Post it Notes that users can use to Post Notes on their Desktop. A color Rich Interactibe RSS reader. The Best Feature about Protopage is you can Bookmark the Page on your Browser and when ever you come across an Interesting Website you can Protopage it by clicking the Boomark Link. Sounds Very Interesting!

Replace your Notepad with Advanced NoteTab Text Editor

Notepad is a Simple Text Editor that comes along with your Windows Vista or XP OS but what lacks in Notepad is lack of features. Note Tab Light is a Free ware Text Editor with features like Tab Windows where users can Switch between Multiple Tabs. Users can Open Multiple Text Documents and Switch across them with ease.

Note Tab Software is available in Three Different Versions ranging from a Free Light Version, Pro to a Standard Version. The latest Note Tab Version 5.3 is Compatible with Windows Vista Version.

Note Tab allows users to Open an Unlimited number of Tabs on its Interface.Each file runs in its own Tab and switch between the Windows is pretty easy. Note Tab is some Interesting Features where Users can Extract HTML code out of a Document, Paste Board that can be used to save Text Clips Automatically . Users can choose a Document as a Paste Board. Any content that is added to the Clip board will be Automatically appended with the Content in the Paste Board.

Note Tab also has a clip Library where users can access small Drag and Drop scripts starting from a Text, Audio Clips, HTML Tabs and other Scripting Language Codes. The Advanced Version of the Note Tab has features like replacing Content in a File without Opening the File.

Note Tab Light Free Edition is a Perfect Editor with Some Great Features yet to be Explored. The Free Version offers Many Features that lack in other editors. You can Check out for Note Tab Website for Download and its Exhaustive Features.

Pocket Tweets is the Twitter for iPhone

Pocket Tweets could also be popularly called as the Twitter for the Iphone is a nice piece of Software for all iPhone Owners.

Pocket Tweets was designed along the lines of Twitter but for the miniature PDA version like the iPhone.

Pocket tweets is a Web based client that can be used to update your status on Twitter, View Friends status and also access your Twitter messages.

Together the iPhone Twitter has a nice interface that could blend with the iPhone scree. In order to access the iPhone Pocket Tweets users have to access the Pocket Tweets website from their iPhone.

Can Twitter pull off the same Popularity as that of the Digg or the Pownce Program .Well one has to wait and watch the success of these new Features in the Technology World.

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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Online Lectures and Podcasts from MIT

MIT also known as Massachusetts Institute of Technology offers a Free OpencourseWare that allows students, self learners across the world to access Top class Lecturers and Videos for over 150 courses.

The Open course ware is Free Service and does not require any Registration/. The lectures and Videos can be downloaded and viewed Offline.

MIT open course ware offers Regular Newsletter for any one who sign up their news letters on new courses and updates of lectures and videos.

The Open course ware is also available in Translated version like Spanish,Chinese,Portugal etc. Courses at the Open course Ware range from Arts and Science, Engineering, History to Women Studies and Linguistics.

Currently Videos Lectures are offered in certain courses and can be played using the Real Media Player.

MIT also participates in a Open Course Ware Consortium that is participated by some top universities across the world. It is probably time for Open Source Knowledge!

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Imation Flashy Wrist band USB Drive that you can Wear

Imation has a Cool Funky USB Drive that one can wear it across their Wrist. This Stylish Wrist Band combines the features of a USB drive and a Wrist Band that is popular among students.

These Imation Wrist Band USB drives are rugged enough to with stand the rugged wear and tear of everyday. The USB Drive is light weight and Portable make it easier for users to wear across the wrists. The USB drive also has Advanced security features and password protection features making it very reliable and handy tool for Professionals.

The Imation Wrist band can be customized in seven different colors and is available in different capacities 32MB, 64MB, 128MB, 256MB, 512MB, 1GB. The Wrist band can be customized with Logo's or Wordings as Required by the purchaser. Further the Wrist band USB drive is Water proof and can be worn at all times.

The USB drive is also avaiable in other forms like Pocket Flash Drive, Flash Wristband, Clip Flash Drive, Swivel/Swivel Pro Flash Drive, Pivot Flash Drive.

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How to Avoid Dust on your PDA Screen

PDA's have a high ration of attracting Dust particles than compare to other screens like that of a Laptop or a TV screen. The reason being higher Static electricity per square inch of area on the PDA screen and the second being high Dust Exposure rate. Here is a trick that you can use to avoid Dust on your PDA screen.

Most of use Cling Control sheet in the Dryers that you use for Drying your Clothes. Just take one of the Cling Control sheets after using it in your Dryer and wipe your PDA screen with it. These Cling Control sheets helps in reducing the static electricity on the screen thus reducing the amount of Dust accumulation on the PDA screen.

Do you have any other tips to Control Dust off PDS screen. Post your Comments

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iZoho Mobile Version of Zoho Office Suite for iPhones

iZoho also populary known as the Free Microsoft Office has recently released the iphone version of its Popular software Zoho.iZoho lets users owning a iPhone to access Zoho applications on thier iPhone.

iZoho is a simplified version of Zoho version that has been designed especially for Mobile Phones and PDA's. iZoho currently support three different packages the Zoho writer, sheet and the snow.

The iZoho Software that has been released when the iPhone arrived in the market had initial Glitches that prevented users from opening Documents and view Presentations on the iPhone. After a few fixes it looks like the Bugs have been fixed and users currently can Edit Documents in the iPhone but can only view Power Point presentations and Spreadsheets.

So have you used the Izoho Software on the Iphone or any other Mobile Phone and does it work perfectly for you. Post your Comments.

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Find Free Premium News Content with Congoo

Congoo is a Free Premium News Service that lets users to access Premium News that cannot be accessed with a Normal Google Search or without a Premium News Access at popular News Portals like the Chicago Tribune or Newyork Times.

Congoo aggregated News content from about 25000 Premium News sources across the world. One can access Premium News at Congoo by downloading a Plugin called Netpass. Congoo crawlers access Preimum service news by accessing news behind the firewalls of the News sites using the Netpass service.

Congoo gets mosts of its Traffic from United States and even provides search results partnering with Google Search Service. Congoo even lets you create Newcircles where users can share News information with your Group members. You can even personalize your Interests in specific categories and store in your Preferences section .

Congoo seems to be a nice service but with the enormous amount of information presented to user will only make him feel that he is in a "Lost World".

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