Saturday, July 28, 2007

Encounter Unfamiliar File Extensions with Process Library

Evolution of Windows Operating System led even to the increase of Spy wares, Mal wares and Ad wares targeting the OS. There will be moments that you would encounter where a file for example the svhost.exe would look genuine enough but it is actually a Spyware that is running on your PC .

Process Library is a Great site that helps users to determine if a process file like ccapp.exe is a Genuine file or it is a Malware, Spyware.

Process Library will help the users to know the exact nature and purpose of any and every single process that is - or should not be - running on your PC.

Process Library has a enormous Database of all the files associated with Genuine Software and also those associated with Malware. With this enormous Database users can just type in the name of the file that they are suspicious about and you can get information about the files.

But there is a Risk involved in that a single file for Example ccapp.exe could be Genuine Symantec File or an Adware.w32.fastclick Adware file. So users need to be really careful if they are deleting files.

A good way of verifying if the files are associated with a Spware or a Genuine Process is to check its Origin. Check the Folders that are associated with the file. If the file is associated with a Folder that is far from Genuine than one has every reason to believe that it is a Spyware. Process Library Database also has a Firefox Extension that could be installed on your Firefox Browser. You can search for more Information about various Processes at their Website

Windows Process Explorer is The Advanced Task Manager

Task Manager is one utility that all of us would have come across using Windows Operating System. Microsoft has a set of System Files that are not available by default during installation of Windows Operating system. Task Manager really doesn't give much Information about the Tasks that are currently running on your PC.

Windows Process Explorer is a System Utility that can be downloaded for free at the Microsoft Technet website for Free. Process Explorer is an Advanced Task Manager that gives a Novice user advanced Information about the Tasks that are currently running on your Windows PC.

Process Explorer gives a lot of Information about a process digging down deep about the Company who created the product, the application that launched the process and the resources the process is currently utilizing. This would be particularly useful sometimes to Shutdown processes that are utilizing most of Processing Speed of the Processor.

It can even help in Eliminating in Spam Softwares that can get installed on your PC through the Internet.
The best part of the utility is that is you need not install the software on your PC. Just Download the File from the Microsoft Website and Store it in a Folder. You can run the Process Manager as and When Required for your PC.
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Joost Invitations Available - The Free Internet TV

Joost is probably another P2p Internet TV service similar to Sopcast, Tivo and TVU players. But looking at the success of Joost this new kind in the block seems to be a far more potential player than the ones in the past.

Joost is currently a service that is still by Invitation and has about 1 Million users across the world. Joost is probably going to change the way current users are watching Television. Joost lets users to Broadcast TV over the Internet from networks like MTV and National Geographic Channel. Joost TV includes a Search Feature, Chat and Instant Messaging along with Online TV.

The Best Feature about Joost is that it lets users to view Programs as and when they are like to view it and it is totally free. Joost is supported by Ad service for Revenue. So all you need to is a PC with a Broad Band Connection and you are ready to Watch Online TV.

I still have Invitations Left for Joost. If any one needs one Post your Comments with your Name and Email Address I will send an Invitation to them. Please do not Post Anonymous user names.

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Remin Yourself with the Remember Milk Task Manager

" Remember the Milk" a funny website name that is no where related to Milk as it sounds to be one. It is a Growing Online Task Manager that has an enormous built in potential and features for a daily user.

Remember the Milk has currently about 200,000 users after being launched back in less than 2yrs. Remember the Milk is currently a Free Registration Task Manager service that lets users to Create an Unlimited Number of Task Lists .

Once you Create a Task List you have various Features like Reminding yourself about the Tasks through Email, RSS Feed or Instant Message to your Messenger Service. It even lets you Geo Tag your List of Taks. You can add the Location of the Tasks Schedules with the Integrated Google Maps Feature on the Reminder Service.

Some of the Best Features of RTM(Remember the Milk) is the Offline Feature, Compatabile to any Operating System, Integration with Other services like Twitter, Netvibes and finally sharing the Tasks with other Users. Further you can even set Reminders in your RTM task list so that other users can be Informed about the Scheduled Tasks.

RTM's Offline Feature lets users to Download their Task lists on to their PC and work with it without connecting to the Internet. You can also send or receive reminders to or from RTM Task Manager from either a Cellphone or Instant Messenger like AOl, Yahoo or Gtalk etc.

Recently RTM has allowed Third Party Service Integration where users can receive reminders on Twitter, Netvibes, RSS Feeds etc . RTM also supports Skype, Gadu Gadu, AIM services.

Remember the Milk service might not be as popular as Microsoft Outlook but it is sure to be a great service with Enormous features. It is just going to be a matter of Time for it to Grow out.
Check out their Blog for the Upcoming Features on Remember the Milk!.

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Friday, July 27, 2007

How to Choose a Digital SLR Camera for yourself

This is a must watch Video for all the users who have plans of purchasing a DSLR camera or in the future. The Video has some great information on the factors that you need to consider before you make a decision in purchasing a Digital SLR(Single Reflex Index) Camera.

The Video has some nice features covering the aspects that one needs to consider before they make a Decision as to which SLR camera is the best fit for their purchase. The Video also adds the aspects Choosing Different Lens for Cameras, White Ratio, Pixel Ratio, View Finder, Display Screen etc. Enjoy the cool Video !!

Eprompter Notifies Email Arrival at Gmail,Yahoo,Hotmail, Lycos

ePrompter is a simple Email Notification service that lets you check multiple Email services like AIM, AOL, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, Yahoo Beta, POP3, Earthlink, Excite, Juno, Lycos,, Mindspring, MSN, MyWay, Netscape, Rediffmail, SBC Yahoo and hundreds of other email domains.

ePrompter has a small Installation file that needs to be installed on your PC. Once installed you need to activate your Email accounts on the ePrompter. ePrompter refreshes itself every 15 minutes and fetches your email to the corresponding email account right in to your desktop.

ePrompter also has a feature to read the emails on your desktop and you can delete the emails once you read them. This particular feature is really usefull for users who maintain multiple accounts from different Email Service providers.

The latest version of ePrompter has fixed the Bug issues that prevented mail access to services like AIM, Netscape and Yahoo Beta Mail.

This is a great way to even avoid spam mails without having to visit the website to check your mail box.

A password protection service is also offered to users to protect from unauthorized access to your Email Accounts.

You can Download the ePrompter software for free from their website and here is an Youtube Tutorial helping users to setup ePrompter on thier PC.

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Paint.Net A Cool Free Image Editing Software For Bloggers is a Cool Free Image and Photo Editing Software that is designed to be easily run under Windows Operating system. A latest version of 3.08 has been released fixing the current bugs and issues with the Software. Software has a cool interface to start using the Software. The Interface is Quite impressive and easily Navigable by a no voice user. Software offers a Lot of features that are available in commercial expensive Software like Adobe Photoshop.
  • Support Layers Feature that form the basis for a rich image composition experience for images.
  • Has an Popular Online Community Forums with a Lot of Tutorials and Plugins for a Beginner
  • Special effects are included for enhancing and perfecting your images
  • Finally it is a open source Software that can be modified by users.
Minimum Requirements to Install Software:
  • Windows XP (SP2 or later),
  • .NET Framework 2.0
  • 500 MHz processor (Recommended: 800 MHz or faster)
  • 256 MB of RAM (Recommended: 512 MB or more)
  • 1024 x 768 screen resolution
  • 200+ MB hard drive space
  • 64-bit support requires a 64-bit CPU that is running a 64-bit version of Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows Server 2003, and an additional 128 MB of RAM. is powerful yet simple tool for photo and image editing. It an a Free Inexpensive software that has some great features with the likes of Adobe Photoshop. You can Download the Software for free from their Website.
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Who Invented CTRL-ALT-DEL?

Control-Alt-Delete is probably the most useful keyboard Shortcut that is probably invented in the Computer World. The man behind is David Bradley.

David Bradley was a Computer Design Engineer at IBM PC for the past 30 years and is now retired. Bradley originally designed Control-Alt-Escape to trigger a soft reboot, but he found it was too easy to bump the left side of the keyboard and reboot the computer accidentally. He switched the key combination to Control-Alt-Delete, a combination impossible to press with just one hand.

The CTRL-ALT-DELETE combination is also known as Three Fingure Salute. In the current Operating systems World CTRL-ALT-DELETE on pressing would list the Programs that are currently running in the OS. Though David Bradley invented CTRL-ALT-DELETE it was probably made famous by Microsoft Operating System Windows.

With the Flashing of Blue Screen made famous by Windows 95 the keyboard shortcut CTRL-ALT-DELETE became famous than any other keyboard shortcut in the computing world.David has a nice video discussing about his invention about CTRL-ALT-DELETE.

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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Edit Photos Online with Picnik Beta Version

Picnik is an Online Photo Editor Website that is completely different from other top Photo Upload Sites like the Flick or Picassa.

Picnik has some excellent Features like:

* One-click photo fixing or in-depth tweaking
* Crop, rotate, and resize in real-time
* Tons of special effects, from artsy to fun
* Amazingly fast
* Works directly with many photo sharing sites
* No download required, nothing to install!
* Works on Mac, Windows, even Linux
* Free version, premium version (soon)

Picnik has a great interface compared to any other Photo Editing Site.Picnik allows users to tweak and edit their photos online. Picnik differs from Flick or Picassa in a way that you cannot store photos online. Picnik also has a Plugin with IE and Firefox so that you can edit the Photos in your Browser.

Picnik has an Interface with Flicker, Picasa and Facebook and lets you Download photos from these websites and Edit, Cut, Paste and Morph them. Picnik seems to be very impressive in its feature and Design except the feature that you cannot store Photos Online at Picnik.

May be it is a Feature that would be introduces in the Future. Picnik is still in Beta Stage and has a Free Registration service.

How Often Should you Defragment your Hard Disk

I have been asking this Question myself as to How often you should Defragment your Hardisk for ideal Processing and Access Speed of your Disk.

There are several Utilities along with the built in like the Diskeeper 2007 available in the market for improving Hard disk performance.

After Discussion on this Topic we can classify PC users in to three Categories.
  • Minimal users
  • Moderate users
  • Advanced users
Minimal Users: These are basically users who use their PC's for a minimal use. They probably use their PC for an occasional Game, Letter Writing, Power Point Presentation etc. If you fall in to this category you can Defragment your Hard Disk once a Month. You can Defragment more than Once a month but the Energy and Time spent on it isn't worth the Effort.

Moderate users: Most of user would fall in this Category. These users probably use the PC's to check Mail, Instant Messaging, Videos, News , Photo Upload, Music Download and Listening etc. These users also fall in to the category of Adding and Removing Programs from there PC's. They usually fall in to the Category of Home Officers and House Wifes and Bloggers. An Moderate amount of Drive usage will usually Fragment your Hard Disk to a Significant Extent. These users should Fragment their Hard Disks Once a Week for Better Performance of their Hard disk.

Advanced Users: Most of the Computer Geeks, Software Developers, Programmers, Online Game Fans etc Fall in this category. Advanced Users spend a Significant amount of time infront of their PC's. Their is enormous utilization of the Hard Disk with Installations, Deletions, Uploading, Downloading etc. A High activity of File movement and Creation on the hard disk causes a Large Fragmentation of the files. These users should typically defragment their Hard disks once a day to improve the Performance of their Hard Drives. If the drives are not fragmented regularly their PC's performance can get degraded to Great Extent.

So Which Category do you Fall into among the three users. Post your comments in the Comments Section.

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Transfer VHS Tapes to DVD at your Home

So here is a project that i had been working with a Friend in the last week. How to Convert your VHS Tapes of Wedding, Birthday parties etc into DVD. Plextor has a nice Gadget that could be used to Convert your VHS tapes in to DVD Form.

Gadgets Required for Video Conversion
  • A DVD Burner for Editing the Video before Burning it into DVD
  • A PC or Laptop for Recording the Video from the VHS Tapes
  • Plextor ConvertX model PX-AV100U( Costs about 79$)
  • Have about 10 -15 GB of Space in your Hard Disk
  • Check out the Plextor Website for More Specifications
As you look at the Picture on the Top there are three sockets on the Back of the PX-AV100U. There is a White, Red, Yellow Sockets(Video and Audio Ports). You need to connect these color coded Cables from your VCR.

The PX-AV100U is nothing but an Analog to Digital Convertor that converts the Analog Signals from your VHS or VCR into Digital Form. The PX-AV100U is accompanied by a Divx Licensed Software, WinDVD Software CD's which would need to be installed on your PC.

Plextor PX-AV100U connects to your PC using the USB Port. Remember to set your USB Port to High Speed. Check your Sound Control Setting on your PC so that your Line In Jack is Enabled and Volume is set to 100% or Maximum.

Once all the cables are connected put your VHS Tape in to your VCR but do not Play it. Install the Free WinDVD Creator Software from the CD that accompanies the Plextor Device.

Reboot your PC and Open the WinDVD creator software. Now a bit of Tweaking for the Best Video Quality.Look for the Capture Video Into Hard Disk Option.This option turns out to be a better Quality option for Video than the Option "Capture Video to DVD".

Then Insert a Blank DVD into your DVD Drive so Burn the Video that is copied from the VHS Tape. Goto WinDVD creater Menu and then look out for Tools --->Options --->Direct Recording Tab.

Under the Direct Recording Tab you need to the set the Record Profile to the Best Quality with a Time Rating Longer than 60 Minutes. Under the Video Options Menu select the Video Format that is compatible with your DVD player. Check out the DVD Player Manual for Video Format that can be playable on the DVD player.

Once the Tweaking Part is Done. On the Main menu on the Top click the Capture Button. Press the Play Button on your VCR . A Blue screen would appear on your Left and Video will start Playing on the screen after a Few Seconds.
If you would like to Adjust the Video and Audio setting Click on the
icon and you can adjust your Video and Audio Setting as Required. The preview screen on the WinDVD would allow you Play the Video. You can check the Video and Audio Quality of the Video Recorded.

It is best to leave the Computer idle during Video Recording process as it takes an Enormous Amount of RAM and Processor Speed. Once the Video is completely captured or Recorded Directly into the DVD. The DVD gets ejected

A single VHS to DVD conversion at a Commercial Plac can cost you anywhere between 20$-40$. You just need to make an Investment for the Plextor Device and you can burn your Video for Free for a Life Time at your Door Step.

I would be interested in Users Comments on this Post. Have you used any other Techniques for VHS to DVD conversion . Post your Comments.
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Earn Money With Video Upload Photo Sharing and Blogging with Flixya

A couple of Days i had posted an article on Earning Money with Video Upload using Metacafe Video Uploading and Revver Video Uploading Features. Here is another Video Sharing service that is offering 100% of its revenues to the users.

Flixya has recently made some changes to its service and is now offering users 100% of their earnings. This seems to be far from believable. Flixya uses your Google Publisher ID to display ads on your pages and the income that is earned for your Clicks seems to be paid to the Users. What i dont understand is that How they are going to Pay 100% of the revenues to the users. Is it Genuine and Believable.

Flixya also seems to offering users with Thoughts about locations to share the videos. You can share your videos from sites like YouTube, Google Video, Revver, Daily Motion, and other video sharing sites.

Further you can share your Images from popular image hosting sites like Flickr and post photos on Ebay and Craigslist. The system seems to be far from belief and i don't see any reason for not sharing the revenue.

Does that mean they are going to Host the videos and Photos for Free online on their Disk space. What do you think of it? Post your Comments
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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

AMD Live Media Vault Free Storage Space 25GB

AMD Live Media Vault has a Free Online 25GB Storage space for any Registered users on its Online site.

MediaMax offers this service to any registered users for free. All you need to do is Register on their website.

Users can Store Data,Photos,Video or Audio Files on thier Online Storage Space.

You can even Backup your Hard Disk Data at a Safe place on Media Max Online Storage Space.

MediaMax has a Down loadable Utility that could be used to Backup Files from your Computer. You can Upload files on to your Online Storage Space and then Download them to any Computer Online.

The Best feature that i like about AMD Online Storage Feature is that you can access your Files right from your Web Browser. Further there is no restriction on the amount of Files you can Download. You can Download or Upload any number of Files from your Account.

Have you used AMD Media Vault Online Storage or any other Online Storage Service. Post your Comments.
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Backup Online Series: Xdrive Online Backup Storage Service

Continuing the Online Backup series and after discussing about Mozy and Carbonite here is another Online Storage provider Xdrive. Xdrive is a serice provided by AOl and is similar to a Virtual Drive that is installed on your Hard Disk. It is like a Gmail Virtual Drive that is installed on your Hard Drive.

Xdrive offers a Free service where users would be provided with a Free 5GB of Storage Service and offers Additional storage service for $9.95/month. The paid storage service would be 50GB of Online Storage space.

Xdrive compared to Mozy, Carbonite is priced a little higher to a normal user. But Xdrive offers certain features that are absent in Mozy and Carbonite, Xdrive allows a drag and drop service where users can just drag and drop files on or from the Xdrive Virtual Drive.

Xdrive also allows users to share access to files that are stored online from anywhere in the world. Users need to send an invitation to friends who would need to access the online stored files. I particularly like this feature of Online storage as it really helps me to share my files across computers and friends.

Xdrive has a really impressive professional performance but its expensive for a normal user who would probably upload about 1-2GB per month. The Free version of Xdrive seems to be more than enough for any user to backup his documents,spread sheets,video files etc.

Finally we are going to have a look at Ibackup before concluding which is the best Online storage provider among Mozy,Ibackup,Xdrive and Mozy. What do you think of Xdrive? post your comments.
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How to Get Yahoo Traffic with My Yahoo and Yahoo Answers

Comparing my Google Analytics Results from the June Month to July Month. I have seen a Significant Increase in Traffic coming from Yahoo Search Engine.

When Compared to Google my Yahoo Traffic has been Significantly far less in Numbers. 90% of my Traffic has been coming from Google and the rest from various Search Engines. I have seen a significant increase in Numbers from Yahoo for Two Reasons

Subscribe your Blog Feed in MY Yahoo!
This is a well know option that is known across the Blogging World. You can subscribe to your Blog Feed in your My Yahoo! account. I have been testing this technique and it has produced an increase in traffic to my blog from Yahoo Search Engine.

Answer Questions in Yahoo Answers with a Related Web link to your Blog
I have tried this technique to one of my Test Blog. All you need to do is Register with a Yahoo ID and answer relevant Questions in Yahoo Answers. Yahoo Answers even provides an Option to add a Link in your Profile . The best option is to Answer Questions in your Blog relevant Area.

For Example if your Blog is related to Software you could Answer questions in the Computer and Internet Section. If the Questions are related to a Particular Post in your Blog you could Post Links to your Blog.

As Yahoo Crawler would Index Yahoo Answers Website there is a genuine reason for a significant increase in Yahoo Traffic to your Blog. This could be a significant way to increase your links to your Blog and at the Same time Find Yahoo Traffic to your Blog.

It seems to increase Yahoo Traffic for me.. Has it worked for you. I would be interested if it has worked for you. Post your Comments
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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Tips to Protect your Eyes From Strain

With the growth of Dot com in 2001 more and more kids and adults are more engaged in Computer Games, Video Games as past time rather than playing Out door Games.

Most of us either use computers at home or at work. Computer Programmers especially spend a lot of time infront of Computer straining their eyes .

Programmers tend to develop Computer Vision Syndromes also known as CVS. CVS has symptoms like
  • Irritated and Dry Eyes
  • Lack of Sleep
  • Feeling Heat in the Eyes
  • Neck and Back Pain too
Tips to Avoid these Symptoms:
  • Avoid straining at the Computer screen continuously for more than 20 minutes.
  • Take your Eyes of the Computer Screen every 15 minutes
  • Keep the distance of the monitor from your eyes between 16 to 30 inches.
  • Try to adjust your Seat Level Height in such a Way that your Eye Level is Slightly above the top of the Monitor.
  • Keep your Monitor Tilted to above 5-10 degrees to create an Optimum View Angle.
  • Wash your Eyes Regularly during break to avoid Drying of Eyes.
  • Drink a lot of Water to Increase Fluid Content in the Body.
  • Keep the Font size on your Screen to an Optimum level.
  • Ensure that the Visual Setting in the Monitor are set to Optimum level. Increase the Brightness of the Screen if required
Have you got any other Suggestions . Post in your Comments to help other Bloggers
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Copy Backup and Rescue using HD Clone Software

All of us would have had a Hard Disk Crash atleast once till now and more if you are a Hardware Geek. I had been looking for a Software that would clone my Hard disk or CD's and one of my friend had recommended me the HD Clone software.

HD Clone is a Professional Hard Disk Cloning Software that is available in Five Different Version. There is a Free Version available for users with cloning ATA/SATA media with up to 300 MB/min

The Software can be primarly used to Clone hard disks. HD Clone software would offers all the utilities to copy one hard disk into another Hard disk. The Free Edition supports IDE/ATA and SATA/eSATA hard disks and is able to copy up to 300 MB/min.

The Basic Edition of the HD Clone Software would cost you 20Pounds and has a Number of Features that are not included in the Free Edition.

Once the Software is Installed it would get Activated at Boot up to make clone Image of Hard disk. You can Bypass the Cloning process if you do not wish to Clone your Hard Disk.

HDClone has its own operating system and is self-booting, it can be used even if the installed operating system is damaged.HDClone is also a great solution for data rescue on damaged hard disks or system installations.
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How to Choose a Domain Name for a Blog

Continuing from the last Blog "How to Start Writing a Blog For Passion or for Money" Iam adding another post where the Topic of Interest would be Choosing a Domain name.

If you didn't know here is some news about domain names. was sold for a record price of $12 Million dollars.Second behind it was that was sold for $9.5 Million dollars (Source).

Domain name perhaps seems to be a lucrative business for a bunch of business men. But what we are concerned here about the Domain name for your Blog. It is known that Search Engine Crawlers give Importance to Key Words in the Domain Name. Like for Example Take the Example of a Blog named CelebrityNewsBlog.If you look at the Domain name the Keywords here are Celebrity and News. The moral of this explanation is that the Celebrity website would be higher ranked than a celebrity Blog which has a domain names as peopleblog.

So the best option would be to choose a domain name that is relevant to your content of your Blog. Like for example you are going to write about cellphones. It is better to have words like cellphone, terms related to cellphone in the Domain name.

It is also better to get a .com website rather than a .net or .org Domain name just because it is a Human tendency that we all consider that most of websites have a .com ending in their Domain name.

A good website to search for domain name is Domainsbot. Domainsbot offers suggestions to domain names as you type in to search for a domain name. It would also indicate the status of the domain name whether it is available, Up for sale or Not Available.

Once you choose a Domain Name you would be directed to a Domain Purchase website like Godaddy to complete the Purchase Transactions.

I find Domainsbot really usefull to search for Domain names. Do you use any other websites for Searching for Domain names. Post your comments.

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Backup Online Series: Ibackup Online Backup Storage Service

We had already discussed about 3 different Online Backup storage service Mozy, Carbonite and Xdrive. Concluding this series is Ibackup Onlnie storage service.

Ibackup is probably the oldest of the Online Backup storage services Mozy, Carbonite and Xdrive. Ibackup provides a similar service like the Xdrive with a Free trail offer and charges about $9.95 for small Online storage space of 5GB.

Ibackup seems to be more directed towards towards corporate services rather than individuals . A 300GB space of storage costs about 300$ per month. This exorbitant pricing seems to outweigh its features to a common user.

Ibackup and Xdrive seems to provide a faster and flexible service compared to Mozy and Carbonite. Ibackup similar to Xdrive installs a Virtual drives on to the users PC and you can use the Drag and Drop feature to download or upload files from the Online Storage drive.

Ibackup thought has some great features like a Toll Free Support number and State of the art security features doesnt seem to be worth its Money. It could only be afforded by the "riche rich".

Finally Mozy and Carbonite seems to be some great Online storage services. Mozy is much impressive with its Design, File Sharing Technique and Encrpyion service seems to the Ideal Online Backup storage service provider for normal users. What service do you use? Post your comments.

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Monday, July 23, 2007

How to Start Writing a Blog For Passion or for Money

So what Exactly is a Blog. Wikipedia gives the following Definition
"A blog (a portmanteau of web log) is a website where entries are written in chronological order and commonly displayed in reverse chronological order".

A blog is usually written by one person like Problogger , Labnol or written by several people like Gizmodo, Engadget or Gofugyourself etc. A Blog is usually updated several times a day or once a day depending on the Blogger.

People write Blogs for Several reasons. One could be passion and the other could be for money. What ever it is Blogging is Seriously Addictive and it really brings a change in the way you look at things in life. Blogging would definitely make a change in your life. It all depends How long you are willing to stick on to it.
  • So who can start a Blog? Just any one in this world
  • What Qualifications do you need to Start a Blog ? Absolutely Nothing
  • I heard that you need to be an expert in various fields to start Blogging ? Wrong, False You just need a passion for things in life.
  • How can i start a Blog when i don't know What to Blog about ? Well that is a good question. Everyone in this world is passionate about certain things. Like for example iam passionate about gadgets, software etc. Some one might be passionate about cars, games, ipods, music etc. So if you are passionate about certain things you would definitely have a good knowledge about those passions. You would freak out to know the latest iPhone that has been released in the market. You would want to know the latest music that has hit the market. This is just an example all you need to figure out is what is that something you are passionate about?
  • OK i have figured out that Iam passionate about "X" topic How do i start a Blog? So you have figured out how to start a Blog the next step would be to either start at a Free service Like Blogger, Word press ,Typepad or Host your Own Website on a Service. The best suggestion would be try one of the Free services like Blogger, Word press for a couple of months and once you have gained enough Knowledge to Start a full Fledged Blog than you can host your Blog on a Domain.
  • OK i have Started a Blog What Next ? The most important aspect of Blogging is Content and Posting Regularly. Quality Content and Regular Posting are the most important aspects for a Blog.
  • Iam Posting Regularly I don't get any Comments Iam Thinking to quit ? Consider this there are Million Bloggers in this world who are just as passionate about Blogging just like you. There is a Blog started every 1minute across the world and you are one of them. It will take Time and Effort to get recognized. After all Success comes at a price if not You wont relish the taste of Success. Answering the second part of the Question You would Get comments on your Blog when you start commenting and Linking with Other Blogs. It is not enough to just Post everyday and wait for people to come to your Blog and Post comments.
  • Ok I have started a Blog What Next ? The next thing would be to learn a bit about using Keywords, Search Engine Optimization(which i dont believe), Website Optimization ,Website Design, Email Services, RSS Feeds etc
  • Ok I have done that I dont get Traffic ? If you are a regular Blogger than Traffic is Going to come on its own Once you have optimized your site.
Well these are a few Tips to get you started with a Blog. These are the common Questions that a Amateur Blogger would find in his Mind. The key to it. Believe in yourself. Success in Blogging is going to Time. It is not going to Come overnight. A great Video to Start off would be How to start a Blog on a Domain
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Windows XP Tricks to Avoid Hardisk Corruption during Standby of Hibernation Mode

If you have a Hard Disk Capacity of greater than 125GB and have been experiencing hard disk errors than Microsoft has a tool to protect your Hard disk from crashing during Hibernation and Standby Mode.If you have symptoms like

  • Your computer may restart instead of resuming from hibernation.
  • You may experience hard disk corruption when your computer enters either standby or hibernation.
  • You may experience hard disk corruption when Windows XP writes a memory dump file as a result of an unrecoverable Windows error (or Stop error) (source)

How to Protect your Hard disk from Corruption:
  • First install the latest Service Pack (SP2) for Windows XP.
  • Browse your IE or Firefox to
  • Search for the file KB331958 and you should have the following result as shown in the image

There is a comparable version for Windows 64 bit version users on the Microsoft support site.
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Backup Online Series: Mozy Online Backup Storage Service

Mozy is another Online Backup service that is comparable to the Performance of Carbonite. Mozy offers a Free service with a Limit of 2Gb for low end users and charges 5$ per month for users who need more Backup Storage space.

Mozy has a neat interface and include various options like (Backup all document files only). You can customize as you like for Backing up files from your PC. Mozy up loader also works in the background while you can perform your normal work on your PC. Mozy even lets to customize when the backup should run on your PC. like for example you can customize to run the backup between 10pm and 6am in the night. Mozy even lets you customize the upload rate from your PC.

Mozy even supports External drives attached to your PC but with a restriction that the drives need to appear as "Fixed" drives in Windows. It supports Windows XP,Vista and Mac OS-X operating systems.

The best feature in Mozy is the security feature. Mozy add a private encryption key to all the files you upload. This encryption key is the only key to decrypt the uploaded files. If the key is lost.. Forget it .. The Files are gone for ever. They cannot be decrypted. Interesting but very reliable security Feature.

Mozy offers another feature where you can request a DVD to be Fedexed to you incase your files are too large. This probably would save you time and resources if you have to download Gigabytes of files.
Overall Mozy seems to impress more that Carbonite and other competitors with its features and low price. Which Online Backup Storage service do you use . Post your comments.

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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Create Dummy or Disposable Email Address using Gish Puppy

Now a days there seems to be more Junk Mail in my Mail Box than actually Mail and really wanted to find a service that would serve as a temporary MailBox and one such service is GishPuppy.

GishPuppy offers an Online Free Email Disposable Service that one can used on website for subscriptions, services etc. The email id would be something like All emails from this email id would be forwarded to your actual Email address

Advantage of Email Disposable service is that you need not give out your actual Email Address to unknown services or people. Gish Puppy has a spam filter service where if it recognizes a spam email than the service is cancelled and you will not receive mails from that service. looks like an Intelligent Disposable Email Service.

I have been using Gishpuppy for sometime and have actually found it quite realiable. Which Disposable Email Service do you use. I would be interested in knowing about other Disposable Email services
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How to Remove Window Vista from Dual Boot

After the Launch of Windows Vista almost every user would have wanted to try out Windows Vista Software and later revert Back to Windows XP. Here is a solution if you are looking for removing Windows Vista OS from a Dual Boot of Both XP and Vista

Steps to Remove Windows Vista Partition OS:
  • Insert the Windows Vista DVD first into your DVD Drive
  • During the Dual Boot Option Choose Windows XP operating System.
  • Select Run from the Start Menu and type in
  • E:\boot\boot\sect.exe /nt52 ALL/force(remember that E:\ is the DVD drive.)
  • Reboot your PC and your Dual Boot now will just have Windows XP
  • Reformat the partition or Drive that Contains Windows Vista to be used for Windows XP operating system.
This trick has worked for me and let me know if it works for you. I would be interested if it works for other users. Post your comments
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Backup Online Carbonite Releases Version 2.3

Carbonite is one of the Online Backup Service that we are going to discuss in the Online Backup Series. Carbonite offers a free online storage for 15days and an unlimited space option for $50/year.

Carbonite offers a competitive Online Backup storage compared to its Competitors like Mozy, Xdrive, IBackup. Carbonite has a small Download software that can downloaded on to your PC. Once installed you can decide to Backup all files on your hard disk or choose selective files or folders for backup.

A typical Backup of 100GB usually takes about 4months to completely Backup Completely. This includes a complete backup of your Hard Disk with the Backup Service working 24hrs/Day. This does seems to a pretty long time.

Carbonite storage has a service that i really find it useful for PC users. Carbonite has an Option where you can adjust the rate of Upload. You can set the option such that Carbonite uses low bandwidth at moments when you would want to use the Internet for Downloads, videos etc.

Carbonite also offers an encryption service with the online storage of files offering complete protection from misuse. The other limitation of Carbonite is that it wont backup .EXE files, Files over 2GB Disk space. Download of the files from the Online storage is easy. You can select a single file, Single folder or Multiple folders to download. The latest version of Carbonite Backup 2.3 supports the latest version of Windows Vista.

Carbonite is a easy to use service for a novoice. It is a simple service at low cost to the users. Next in the serives we would discuss about Mozy, an online backup service that competes with Carbonite.
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Earn Money With Video Upload

Couple of days back i had written a post on Metacafe Video Uploading Service. Revver is anothe video Upload service that could be used to Monetize your Home produced or Recorded Videos.

Revver differs from Metacafe in Many Ways. Revver not only shares income for Uploading videos but also for Sharing Videos. You like some video and share it in Digg, Face book , RSS feeds and podcasting.

Revver even has a Widget builder on its site so that you can embed the vidoes in the Widget and share it across your Blogs,Communities and Forums. Here is a Screenshot of Revver Video

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TVU player Latest Version Released 2.3.2 beta47

TVU player is a online video player where you can Watch TV online for Free. I had previous posted an article on Sopcast. Sopcast is another video player that you can use to watch TV Channels for free Online.

TVU player is based on a Peer to Peer Broadcasting service where a user would broadcast a channel over the Internet. The more number of users who watch a broadcast the stronger the signal. It is similar to the Torrent File sharing technique of peer to peer distribution. TVU player at most times has over 250+ channels broad casted simultaneously at one time. So the system requirements for TVU player would be:
The broadcast on the TVU player is pretty Good in terms of quality. Again it depends on the Strength of the signal. IF the brodcast rate is pretty poor then the quality is going to be pretty poor. But it is a great way to watch Free TV online.
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