Saturday, July 21, 2007

How to Select Zookada Vs FeedBurner Email Service

Couple of days back Feedburner had Integrated Blogger and now users were able to track the actual Subscribers to both Feedburner Feed and the Blogger Feed. Feedburner offers a great Feed service but somehow when it comes to Offering Email Service I particularly feel Zookoda has greater performance capability compared to Feedburner.

A good Combination of service would be to offer Feedburner RSS feed and at the same time offer Zookoda Email service on your Blog. With a limited number of Web users knowing what an RSS Feed is ?? it is perfectly easy for users to Subscribe using a Zookoda Email Service.

Zookoda was a small Blog broadcast service provider that was recently purchased by Zookoda is a free service that any one can use by filling a Registration form. Once you Register you can download the Subscription Form code and Embedd it in the Blog Site. Here is a Snapshot of the Subscription Form

Zookoda has some great features that i feel are missing in Feedburner. In Zookoda you have the option of adding subscribers by just adding their email addresses. You can also import subscribers on your own.

The other feature is that you can even schedule Multiple Broadcasts for a day. This feature far seems to be absent in Feedburner. Feedburner allows only once per day.

Zookoda even has a Report Feature where you can view information about your Email Post.

You can View a Pie-chart which would indicate the Number of Subscribers for the Email Post.

You can also view the number of subscribers who have opened your Email Post and the Number of Subscribes who have read your Email Post.

I particularly like this feature as this gives me a better knowledge about my subscribers. Feedburner is a good RSS feed service and probably needs to provide more options on the Email service to make it more Blogger friendly.

I would Post about Feed burner and Feedblitz RSS feed Service in the coming Posts. What are the benefits of using Feedburner or Feedblitz and finally end with a Comparison post Feedburner VS Feedblitz vs Zookoda.

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WinRar File Compression Software Now Available for MAC-OS-X

In my previous post i had discussed about Winace Compression Software and its advantages in terms of compressing Video Files. Winace is another Compression Software that has outsmarted both Winzip and WinAce.

Winace has recently updated the Mac OS X version which has improved the Performance on Intel Macs. Winace has also released the 3.70 Version in more than 30 Languages. The PocketPC Version is available for free to Download and the PC version is available for Free Trail for 40days.

By Performance Comparision with Winzip and Winace and Winrar the results show that Winrar compression Rate is far better than its Competitors. Winrar Compression results in files of Smaller Size, Faster Compression than its Competitors. The latest Version of Winrar is Comptabile with WindowsVista . Check out for the Latest Winrar News . The lastest Version of Winrar 3.70 has eliminated the Bugs that have been occuring in Previous Version .

Which Compression Software have you been using and Do you like Winrar, Winace or Winzip. Post your comments.
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Blogger Backup Version V1.0.5.14 Beta Released

Greg Duncan at Coolingoftheday has just released the latest version of the Blogger Backup Version V1.0.5.14. This Version is still under Beta Version and still under Testing.

For those of you who are unaware of Blogger Backup utility here is a small Introduction . Blogger Backup Software is basically used to backup your Blogger Posts on to your Hard disk. The latest version of Blogger Backup Utility has added a new feature through which you can Restore Posts back on to your Blogger Account. You can even Backup your comments on each post either as a Single file for all posts or one file/post. Here is a Screenshot of the Backup Utility
The new version has a restriction that the Restoration can be done to a max of 50 posts/per day. For more information check out . Have you tried any Blogger Backup utility. Let me know your Comments.
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Winamp 5.35 Version is Launced.

Winamp has released the latest updated version 5.3.5 of the Popular Media Player. The new version has minor upgrades or else its pretty much the same as of that of the previous 5 series versions.

The new version has been fixed has been fixed for bugs that were encountered during Podcast download. The older versions were crashing for Mp4 version music and that too has been addressed in this new version. The new version Winamp 5.35 has also been improved for better synchronization and File transfer between two sources. Besides these there aren't much improvements in the latest version of Winamp 5.35 version. You can check out the realted posts section for other Music players and their updates.

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Friday, July 20, 2007

Alexa Toolbar For FireFox has been Released

Alexa popularly known as Alex Toolbax has released the Long expected plugin for Mozilla Firefox. Better Known as Sparky the Alex Toolbar Firefox Plugin after almost 2yrs of releasing of latest IE version.

Sparky would showup as a Small Graph and alongside woud be the Rank of the Blog at the Bottom Right hand side of the Firefox Browser. This Plugin is Compatible with the Latest released Version of the FireFox Here is a Screenshot of Alex Sparky Plugin that shows the Related links to the News site CNN.

The Alex Bar at the Bottom of the Firefox Browser even shows Links to the Traffic Details to the site and also the Related links to the site .

Did you know that Alex Toolbar was introduces in 1997 and had hit a record of 1 Million Downloads and it was purchased by in 1999 when it tracked 3 million downloads. Amazon acutally owns the Alex toolbar.

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Windows XP Tips and Tricks For Your PC

Windows Vista still in a testing stage of its Life Windows XP has become the most reliable Operating System for Microsoft.Did you know that you can Delete Files Permanently from Windows XP by Deleting a File with the Shift Key on Hold. Here are some tricks that would help in Windows XP Operating System.

ShutDown and Restart Windows XP:
You can Shutdown and Restart your Windows XP PC by Holding on the Windows Key + Press the Key U twice to (shutdown) and R twice to (Reboot) your PC. This Trick has worked only in Windows Home Edition. Have you tried in other Versions.

Shortcut for Explorer,Run Dialog Box and System Properties:
You can access the Windows Explorer by using the key + E key. The Run Dialog can be accessed using key with +R key. You can access the System Properties in your Control Panel by using the key with Break key.

Reduce the Volume Control Size:
you can reduce the volume control bar size by using the CTRL+S Key. Open the Windows Volume controll panel and press CTRL+S key. This not only reduces the size but at the same time reduces memory usage.

View Image Thumbnails with No Names:
You probably would have a collection of images in a directory in your Hard Disk. You can remove the name of the thumbnail images by pressing the SHIFT key when opening the thumbnails. You can Repeat the process to get back the image names.

Find out How long Your PC has be Turned ON:
This is my favourite one. Go to START menu and then ALL PROGRAMS and then RUN Option is chosen. Type in SYSTEMINFO . Information about your PC as when it was last rebooted and how long your PC has been ON.

Create a Customized Toolbar:
Create a Folder with your Shortcuts and save it . Now right click on the Taskbar Menu and then Choose Toolbar and Choose the New Toolbar Option. Now Select the Folder that contains the Shortcuts. A New customized Toolbar is created on yourTaskbar.You can Find more tips on Windows XP .

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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Ideas Can Strike Your Mind Anytime: Use Jott Online Service

I came across this website accidentally and this was is what the first few lines of the product review said:

Have you ever ...... felt like you don't remember things you should? Gifts to buy, a stroke of genius, a song to download, a cab fare?

9/10 of the Opinions would be an "YES". Jott is an Online Beta Service that Transcribes your audio Phone messages into Texts and Sends them to your Emails. The moment i read about the idea i like it. How many Times have we thought of Something and Forgot about it in Instant Seconds or Forgot to Recall it at a Later Time. This could be a Great tool for the Future where Times seems to be Money.

Well one could argue that you could probably write the ideas you get or Note it Down Somewhere on Paper. But what if situations are that you don't have a Pen or Paper at Hand But all you have is your Cellphone. With the Phenomenal growth of Cellphones all across the World every "Tom -Harry -Shiva" has a cellphone. Jott is an Online Service that would let Users to Call up a Toll Free number and leave a Message( The Great Idea that stuck in your mind while surfing Juss kidding). The Voice Message is Transcribed into a Text Message and is sent to your Jott Email Service.

The Voice Message is not restricted such that it can be sent only to your Jott Inbox but could be sent to any Contacts in your List. Jott is an Absolute Free service and is still in Beta. Unfortunately the service is still in Beta. Only users in United States and Canada can use this Service.

Well i really like the Idea of Transcribing Voice calls to Emails. It is a Great Idea and Hope it succeeds once it is out in the Future.Have you used any other service like Jott.
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How to Uninstall Software's Completely: Your Unistaller

Have you Faced the Issue that you liked Some Brand New Software. Installed and Used the Software for a Couple of Days and than Unistalled it. But Wait The Installation completed Successfully But not the Unistallation. Well Your Unistaller is a great tool to remove unwanted files that were left over by the Incomplete unistallation process.

Your Uninstaller Software is available to Try for 30days for absolutely Free. Your Uninstaller is available in Two Different Modes. The Basic and the Pro Version. Here is a Screenshot of the Unistaller Software Tool.
The above Screenshot Shows the Programs and Screensavers that are installed on your PC. When you want to Uninstall a software from your PC all you need to do is to Double Click the Icon corresponding to the Software that needs to be Uninstalled.

Doubleclick of the Icon results in three processes in the Background:
  • The Software's Uninstaller programs runs removing all the files
  • Second the Unistaller Scans the Registry to remove any entries that are left over by the Uninstall process
  • Finally it scand the installation folders used by the programs for Leftover files.
The Pro Version of Your Uninstaller 2006 offers features to disable programs to start at Windows Startup and also repair Corrupted Unistallation Programs. The latest Version of the Your Uninstaller is Compatible with Windows Vista and it just occupies about 3.7MB of Disk Space. The Pro Version also offers a Backup of the Registry incase problems arise after an Uninstallation Process.

The Backup Feature is an Excellent Option and i have been using it incase a problem occurs an Uninstallation process. Have you used anyother Uninstallation softwares. Post your Comments
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Winace Compression Software Available in Standard and Plus Versions

Most of you are Familiar with the Zip Software Tool Winzip. Here is another amazing Piece of Software that has Better Compression Rate compared to Winzip.Winace by Comparison to WinZip has an amazing interface compared to Bland brown Winzip Interface.

The Blue background for the background kind of gives a cool look for the Interface. WinAce like its competitors is pretty small in size of about 2.65Mb in Size and installs in a Zip seconds. The Interface has Menus on the Top and the Explorer Section at the Bottom as Shown in the Screenshot below. The Icons are all pretty nicely stacked and with Wording below the icons make them even better.
Best Compression Rate for Video Files: I have used Winzip, Winrar and Winace Sotware and found out that the Compression rate for Winace far Exceeds that of Winzip and Winrar. So if you want to Compress Video Files than Winrar is the Best Zipping Software. Adding to that the Compression Rate of Winace is Much Quicker than Compared to Winrar and Winzip. Though Winace fails to impress me in the Text and Image Compression where the Performance of Winzip and Winace exceeds it.

But in reality with External Hard Drive Spaces in the range of Terabytes I would bother to compress text files but would Mind compressing Files that Occupy Enormous Space on the Hard Disk. Have you tried any other File Compression Softwares. Post in your Comments.

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Google Webmaster Central Introduces Message Center

Google Webmaster Central Blog Informs us that a New Message Center has been added to all users Webmaster Central Console. This seems to be Good News for Individual Users to be Contacted by the Webmaster Team. Google Informs us that the Users would Initially be Contacted Mainly For Search Quality Issues and would be expanded to other Issues in the Future.

This seems to be a Great Way for Users to Improve the Quality of the Content on Their Blog. By Introducing an Interactive Environment on the WebMaster Central Console Google seems to emphasis that One to One Point Interaction seems to be a Better Way to Improve the Quality of Content.

The Messenger Center also seems to be Available in Over 15 Languages Starting from (French, Italian, German, Spanish, Danish, Dutch, Swedish, Russian, Chinese-Simplified, Chinese-Traditional, Korean, Japanese, etc.), across all countries.

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Ping Sites For a Blog,Which One Do You Use With Your Blog

Well if there is anything that you would get for Free that would be "Advice". I have a Question in My Mind that Does Pinging Sites really Work Good For Your Blog. Well the Answer Seems to be Ambivalent. What do you Think?.

I have been Using Sites Like Pingomatic, AutoPinger, Pingoat for a Couple of Days and have been Finding Traffic From Various Sites. A Pinger Service is Basically one that Would Notify a Number of Web Services and Blogs that an Update has Happened on Your Blog and It Needs to be Indexed For the New Updates. So the Crawlers Crawl and Index your Blog Leading to Increase in Popularity of Your Blog.

Pingoat is My Personal Favourite Pinging Service among the Three Ping Services that i use With my Blog. Pingoat is by Design a Neat, Simple and an Easy Service to Use. I also like Autopinger Feature that Shows the Ping Health Rate letting you Know at What rate your Ping would actually Help you in Getting Indexed and Crawled. The Higher the Percentage of Ping Quality the Better and Faster by the Crawler.

What Pinging Services have you been Using. I Would be Interested in Learning about Other Pinginig Services.If you like my post you can subscribe to my Newsletter for my Future posts.

Get Paid For Video Upload at MetaCafe.Com

Funny Moments At The Church - Amazing videos are here
Metacafe is One Cool Website that i have been using For Video Upload. This Video above has earned a Reward of $3000 for being the Most Funny Video Uploaded at Metacafe. Metacafe has a Cool Program Known as "Product Reward" Where Users are Rewarded for Uploading Videos to the MetaCafe Site. The Video's have to be Original and you should Own the Ownership Rights for the Video. The Good thing is that once you Upload the Video's you still Own the Ownership Rights of the Video

Metacafe Rewards Video Uploaders Once a Video has been viewed for abour 20,000 Times. You would be Paid $5 for every 1000 Views of a Video. With a Viewership at 1 Million Viewers Per Day Metacafe seems to a great Place for Video Geeks. Have you Uploaded Videos to any Other Video Upload Sites.

I Personally Like Metacafe as you get Rewarded for your Videos unlike other Video Upload Sites like YouTube and Others. If you Have some Good Content Why Not Get Rewarded. For more Details Check out the Product Reward Program here
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Can Blogs Really Make Money. Here is Something to Learn

I have been an Regular Morning Reader of the Business Week and there was this article that really interested for a Complete Reading. This is what the Sub heading said..

"Cat pictures, gossip, tech talk, politics—there's lots of ways to rake in the dough online"

Have you heard of these names I Can Has Cheezburger, Boing Boing, Tech Crunch, Problogger ( My Favourite Blogger), Overheard in Newyork, Kottke, TalkingPointsMemo, Perez Hilton, Gothamist, Gofugyourself, Mashable, Michellemalkin, Hotair. If you are new to the Blogging World then all these names would sound Unfamiliar to you. If not You would have recongnized these as Top Bloggers in the Blogging World.

Here is the article in Business Week about the headline that i have posted above. The Article Discussed Mainly About HowMuch Money are the Top Bloggers Making Across the Word.
I had an argument with a Friend over whether "Blogs really Make Real Money". My Friend argued that Blogs Cannot Make Money and it is Just One or Two on Top who Really make the Money. I had argued that it is not that Difficult Provided you Put in the Effort and Ultimately you Would Make it to the Top.

Blogging is Something Done with a Passion and there is lot of Hardword Beyond it. Someone has started writting about Cats and Today they make a Couple of Thousand Dollars From What they have been writing as a Part Time Hobby. You need not be an Expert in a Field to Start a Blog. All you need an Energy to stay on and Learn from Others. As Problogger Says " Blogging is not a One Way Path It is a Constant Interaction and Exchanging of Opinions".

You cannot Become a Pro Blogger by just Writing some Posts every Other Day you want to and Expect the Profits to Grow. A Blog needs to be Consistent to Keep Readers Attracted to it. You Need to Make the Visitor Feel that He Wanted to Re Visit Your Blog. A Blogger Needs to Update the Blog Regularly to Keep the Loyalty of the Readers.Finally all it Matters is "CONTENT" "CONTENT""CONTENT""CONTENT".

Content Is the King when it comes to the Success of a Blog and the Content needs to be Good. Well than the Question from My Friend was that " Iam Not a Good Write and I cannot Write Articles". I Told him No One is a Good Writer and you can Find your Groove by Learning From Others. It takes Patience and Persistence to Turn Yourself from an Amateur Blogger to a Pro Blogger. It Takes Time and Time and You need to be Patient to Get to the Top. You cannot Become an Over Night Pro Blogger.

Blogging World is of Wonderful World and Once you are In you will Love it. The Best Part of Blogging is that Bloggers Grow at an Exponential Rate Provided you put in the Effort and are Consistent in Your Posts. Dont be Dissapointed that You are Earning Only $0.10Cents/Day. One day you Will Make a Good Amount of Dollars With Your Adsense Blog. It all Takes Time.

So the Next Question from my Friend was that How do i Find Content. The Best Solution for that Would be "Read " "Read""Read " "Read""Read " "Read". Nothing can beat this opinion. At the Same Time Learn From Other Bloggers like Style of Blogging, Ad placement, Comments, Opinions etc. Be the First to Blog about a Product, Solution and Traffic would Automatically appear on Your Blog.

I really Dont Believe in Search Engine Optimization and Page Ranking. If you Have the Content the Search Results are Going to Point to Your Blog Posts. Well What Do you think ?? Can Blogs Make Money for You too. Post your Comments.
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Image Source: Business Week

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Did You Googlism Your Name

Have your tried Googling your Name in your in Google and click "Im Feeling Luck". Google will try to search for the closest match of your search term and take you to that link site. I tried for Bill Gates and that took me to the Wikepdia profile website of Bill Gates.

If Google cannot resolve your search string it would take you to the closest match of the search string but i came across through another website called "Googlism". The results of the search were kind of funny. Here are the results
Have you tried Googlism your name. Did you find results that made your laugh. I really had fun trying out all my friends names. what did you do. Post your comments.
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Google Adsense in Regional Languages like Tamil

I was checking my Gmail today and something stuck my eyes. It was the Google Ad on Top of my MailBox in Tamil( A Regional Language in India).

Google seems to have understood that one cannot rise in India Advertisment market with English Ads. With about 18 or more Languages in India and more than 50 dialects Googles seems to making an emphasis on Regional Market rather than as a whole country. India seems to be the Hot spot or the Buzz for Google's campaign in Regional Languages.

This also seems to be a great news for advertisers who campaign AdWords across the web. By providing this option of advertising in Various languages Google seems to have increased the specificity of Adwords across websites or Geographic locations.

But as of now i haven't seen a website that seems to publish AdWords or Advertisements in Hindi or Tamil. Have you come across a website that published Ads in Regional Languages. I would be interested in regional Ads performance. Post your comments
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Top Image Viewer :IrfanView 4.00

I had a previous post about Foobar 2000 which is perhaps the best audio player for mp3/wmv or other audio formats. IrfanView is another software that i have been using for quite a while and have found it very useful.

I have always appreciated software that would install with ease, Small Size and ease of use. Its a Simple Image Editing Software that can be used to Edit/Crop images. You can even create Slideshows and at the same time convert Images from one Form to Another Form.

You can convert Images from Popular Image Forms like JPEG,BMP,GIF,ICO,JP2 Formats. IrfanView is Free for NonCommerical Use and supports over in 20 Languages.

Which Image Editing Software do you use for Image Editing. Let me know in your Comments. You can Download it at Download Website .
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Monday, July 16, 2007

Print your Google Analytics Report in PDF format

Google Analytics has introduced a new feature that lets you convert your Analytics Reports in the Different formats like the PDF,XML,CSV,TSC formats. This new feature would allow users to compare monthly reports by users on paper. This would be a great feature and would allow marketing Bloggers to boast or show how their Blog has grown over a number of months.

This features lets users to even have spreadsheets to compare their Blog performance over a period of days or months. Here is a screenshot of the new feature
I have been using Google Analytics to track visitors on to my web page. Do you use Google Analytics or any other tracking system. Let me know in your comments.
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Create Virtual CD Drives using Magic Disc Software

Magic Disc is a great tool for CD/DVD edition/extraction tool. Magic Disc is a Freeware tool too and absolutely free to try. You can edit or extract either CD or DVD images as an ISO image and later create virtual drives with those images.

The best feature that i like about Magic Disc is that you can add about 14 drives of Virtual CD or DVD's to your system. It even allows to Multi session your CD or DVD collection.

Magic Disc even lets you compress your image files into compressed files along with password protection. This is a great way to protect your image files from being misused. Magic Disc can also be used to create Bootable CD drives.

Some Features:
  • Can burn ISO file to DVD-R DL and DVD+R DL.
  • Can create and continue Multi-Session DVD+R DL. More Details
  • Full supports Microsoft Vista x86 and x64 edition.
  • Is Optimized for Microsoft Vista. More features.....
Magic ISO is a great tool to have to backup your precious important CD/DVD discs to create backup images and store them. Have you used Magic ISO or any other tool. I would be interested in other software's that users have used. Post your comments.
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What is a Widgets: checkout Widgetbox on your website

What is a Widget ? Have you ever heard of it. I too havent heard of it until a couple of days back. The interesting thing is that i had used widgets on websites but i wasnt aware that it was called a Widget.............................>>

Definition of Widget:
" A widget is nothing but a small program code that is embedded on your website. This small code when clicked would transfer you to the respective website or the url to which it is linked".

Well this might not not be the exact definition of widget but this is what a widget would do. Experts have predicted that Widgets are going to be the future. check out this news on Businessweek website.

If you have used Google Reader or igoogle for your personal uses. you should have noticed the way you would add feeds onto your google reader. These are nothing but widgets. Widgetbox is a nice widget tool website that lets you integrate widgets on to your Blog.

Widgetbox lets you integrated your widgets that you create on their website in to popular social or Blog sites like Facebook,Myspace,Blogger,Wordpress, Typepad etc. All you need to do is create a Widget for yourself or integrated the widgets that are already available on the website.

Widgets have become popular on top websites like the Forbes , Mashable. The advantage of Widgets is that their simplicity in nature. There is very less coding on your part and they look spectacular matching with your website content. Besides the features are growing everyday and one day you can integrate links to any website but using these beatifull widgets.

Google is even funding Widget developers to develop top class widgets for Google Check out this link for Gadget Ventures by Google. If you are the Geeky one here is the opportunity to make some cool money.

Have you used widgets on your website. Which widgets have you used. Let others know in your comments.If you like my post you can subscribe to my Newsletter for my Future posts.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Replace your Fax Machine and use Internet Fax

A couple of days back i had written an article about " How to Send Free Fax From your PC" using Faxzero website. Faxzero is a very good website if you are a low end user in terms of sending your faxes and receiving them. When there is a restriction that you cannot receive Faxes from Faxzero website. But here is another service that i have been using to receive faxes and has been very useful to me.

Jconnect has some interesting features:
# Pick your own local fax and voicemail number in over 2,000 cities around the world.
# Send faxes from your favorite desktop applications via email or a Web browser in over 45 formats.
# Receive faxes as email attachments.
# Conduct easy, convenient and inexpensive conference calling.

For more information about their features you can website the Jconnect website . With a Choice of choosing from a local number to a Toll Free number the choices are unlimited. The prices are very nominal. You can receive a Fax for free on either a Toll Free Number choice of a Local Number. Sending a Fax will merely cost you $0.10cents.

They even has a 30 day trail option for those interesting in testing the Fax service absolutely Free !. I had used a Normal Fax machine for a number of years but it has been expensive to have a Normal Fax machine. I need to have a Telephone line,Fax machine and electricity added to it. But with Internet fax i have reduced my cost with an efficient and reliable service(Internet Fax). Besides Jconnect there are other services like the efax .com.

Have you used the Internet Fax service. Which service provider do you use ? Let me know your comments
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VLC Player Windows Vista: Do You Too Have Trouble Issues

I have been getting some traffic for the VLC Media Player posts that i had posted earlier a couple of days back. When i looked at the Traffic keyword that let people to land on my page. Everyone were looking for "VLC player Vista" and I too was one of them to face the issue. VlC player indeed has trouble working in Windows Vista(32bit mode or 64bit mode). I had a geeky friend with whoom i worked out in resolving the issue.

VLC player Under Windows Vista:
VLC player has been working fine for a couple of users while it has malfunctioned for others. Either the Audio plays with out the Video or Vice versa or Doesn't play at all. So by experience from some of my friends who have used Windows vista i would suggest

For those interested in why VLC player isnt working with Windows Vista is that Vista uses a New graphics Interface DirectX10. and VLC player is not compatible to this Video Module by default and so there is the incompatability. It seems to that both the Vista Team and VLC player had missed this minute detail while designing.

So the solution first depends on what graphics card do you have on your System.. Might be an Nvidia or ATI graphics card. Again i emphasis please Step 2)upgrade your Graphic Driver software to the can download it (Nvidia).

Step3) Open your VLC player and Scroll Down to Setting -----> Preferences Menu
Step4)Once you Click on Preferences a menu like below would open up on the screen. On the Left would be the screen as Below.. Open the Video Menu option for some more submenus. Mean while if you look at the right side bottom of your screen you would see the screenshot as shown in figure 2. As pointed by the arrow Tick the Advanced Options menu as in figure 2

figure 2

Step5) Once you have choosen the Video menu it would open up to three more sub menus.
  • Filters
  • Output Modules
  • Subtitles/OSD
Step6) Choose the Output Modules option in the Sub menus as shown in the screenshot below

Step7) For "Windows Vista 64 bit mode " mode you can select Windows GDI" option. Restart your PC and you are ready to go. For "Windows Vista 32 bit mode " use the DirectX option to work. If these options dont work for you.. You can try other options in the menu like the Windows GDI ouput, Open GDI output format.

I have tried the Windows GDI and the DirectX option and both have worked for me. Let me know which mode has worked for you. Post your comments.

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