Friday, July 06, 2007

Create a Logo for your Website using Adobe Photoshop

This is a great video tutorail that i have come across through a link of viral videos. The users neatly explains the usage of Adobe photoshop to Design a Logo. Way togo to create a Logo for your website

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Thursday, July 05, 2007

How to Choose the right Lens for your Pro Digital Cameras

Do you know what does SLR stand for in the acronym SLR camera? .People have always given importance when choosing a Digital Camera but when you ask them what lens do you use for photos.. They would say I just point and shoot photos. Well guess that just makes a difference between an amateur and a Pro isnt it. Digital camera lens is an important component for a camera. Sadly people dont realize that a small lens would make a great difference.

I have always been a fan of Canon and Nikon camera and i especially like the Canon rebel XT and the Nikon D80 pro camera. Iam planning to purchase a Nikon D80 camera in a couple of days and i have been looking to purchase a Good lens for it. I have been researching quite a while for a lens trying to understand how different lens are used in the photography world.

Choosing a Camera Lens:The first classification of the camera lenses is Prime lenses vs the Zoom Lenses.

Prime Lens: A traditional lens that most of cameras now a says use is the 50mm standard camera lens for an SLR camera. It is a must have and primary lens for most of the photographers. The best features of the 50mm lens are they are dirt cheap compared to an optical zoom lens and they are excellent in terms of their quality even under low light. The feature that highlights Prime lens is that they show things as seen with a naked eye in a visible distance.

Zoom Lens: A zoom lens on the hand is usually in the range of 10mm to 400mm. A zoom lens is usually a combination of Prime lens added together to get better zoom. A zoom lens is much more expensive compared to a Prime lens. Zoom lenses are slower compared to Prime len's. A zoom lens basically adjusts the focal length of the lens in order to get a wider or closer shot or( infact magnification as one says )of the image. Zoom lens tend to have more aberrations compared to a Prime lens. One suggestion would be try to get close to the object rather than zooming your lens to get a better shot of the image.

A Further classification of the Zoom lens is the Optical vs Digital zoom. My 2 cents would be on Optical zoom. when you purchase a camera always choose one with a higher optical zoom. A camera with higher optical zoom will always give you better resolution compared to the one with a high Digital Zoom. The same applies when purchasing a Lens too.

Macro Lens: As the words say "Macro" so are they.. These lens magnify objects and are mostly used for close up photography. These lens usually have longer focal length in the lange of 75-200mm. It offers excellent resolution of close objects without distortions. A macro lens looks pretty similar to a Prime lens but offers great resolution and clarity compared to a Prime lens.

Telephoto Lens: A telephoto lens is usually opposite of the so called wide angeled lens. They offers excellent long shots especially in Football matches, Olympics, Cricket matches etc. These lens give greater focus of the object. They are pretty similar to the zoom lens. A zoom lens basically zooms and enlarges the image but a telephoto lens bring the object in focus closer to the camera giving it a higher resolution and image clarity compared to a naked eye.

There are other lens in the market like the Fisheye lens but my 2cents would be to get :A standard prime lens 2) Get a High Optical Zoom lens 3) Get a Macro Lens for long shotsand well the answer to SLR is that it stands for Single Lens Reflex.

What Digital camera do you use.. What kind of lens do you use with your SLR camera.. let me know in your comments

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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Meebo the Multi Network Revolutionary Internet Messenger Service

Is there anyone who doesnt use either the Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, MSN Messenger, AOL or any other Messenger service? The answer YES'S would out weigh the NO's. But here is another Messenger that i have been using for a couple of days. Meebo a Multi Network Messenger service that can be used on the website meebo.

Meebo was started off by Seth Stenberg along with some smart people surrounding him. As he always says "Surround yourself with smart people because its not you but the team ". Meebo has been a traffic rate of 20 million messages per day and with about 400,000 logging in daily.

The best feature about Meebo is that it lets you Integrate all your messengers in to a single service. Once you Login into your Meebo Service you could add you messenger accounts like the Gtalk,Yahoo,AOL,MSN,ICQ or the Jabber and you can have all your friends from different messengers in a single account

Meebo has been a hit among young students because of its simplicity and ease of use. No Downloads No tricks all you need to do is to go to Meebo and login. Once you are authenticated you are on your way connected to different messenger services with one account.

What more Meebo even allows you to add widgets and you could place the widget in your Blog to chat with your visitors. Meebo also offers chat rooms to discuss on current topics,news and also watch videos and media.

Meebo indeed seems to be a revolutionary in the messenger service world. with more that Half Million users using the service it could hurt the Aol's and yahoo's and the Google's. What do you think ?? Do post your comments.

Latest News: Meebo is compatible to be used on the Iphone that was recently launched by Apple. Here is the article at macrumorsworld.

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Windows Vista: How to add Partitions in Windows Vista

One of my friend recently purchased a New laptop and as he wasnt a Computer Geek he had asked me a question about partition his hard disk. The question is How do i partition my Hard disk in Windows Vista.

In Windows Vista the partitions are called as "VOLUMES" and here are the steps to partitions your hard disk in Windows Vista OS.

  • Click the start button and type diskmgmt.msc and press <Enter> to launch the DiskManagement utility.
  • So to create a New partition free some space on the current partition my right clicking on the existing partition and choose option "shrink volume".
  • Vista then would open up a dialog box and pop up a question asking you for the size of the new partition.
  • After shrinking you can click on the "unallocated space " and choose "New simple Volume".
  • Then all you have do is to follow the disk wizard steps of creating and formatting a new drive(assigning a drive name and also the file system.
That was a great improvement from the XP system where one had to go into the Boot option and then create a Partition. Hats off the microsoft for this great improvement !!. Bloggers let me know if this technique works for you.

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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Google acquires Grand Central.. Does that Ring Bells for Skype

Google has acquired another company. Will they ever stop well that would hurt its motto isnt it . Google just grows big,bigger and bigger. The latest baby in its pocket is Grand central. It is a voice communication company over in Fremont, California. Does this ring Bells to SKYPE communications. Recently skype has moved from Free to Pay charges for its access. Would googles new baby going vs
to hurt skype?? Well we have to watch and see in the nearby future.

Reasons why Grandcentral could be a match to Skype:

  • Google acquires grandcentral. Its strong image and technology back would provide stability and functionality to grandcentrals growth.
  • Skyp currently charges 30$ for its premium serivces. With Google the service would be free so why anyone would pay if you can get an equal performance service at no cost
Choose a Number at grandcentral and choose which cell phone to be forwarded when some one calls the Grand central number.

Route calls from people you don't want to talk to directly to voicemail.

Different Ringtones for Different Callers

Know who is calling before you pick up your phone.

For more features you can vist the Grancentral Webpage . Hurry up and register a Number in your Area.

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Is the Iphone overhyped ?? Are apple products really great.

The wait was over and Iphone was launched. Records tumbled,Share prices rose,expectations gained high and the result was that over 300,000 iphones were sold over 4 days only in the United States. So what makes an iphone such as great product. Is it the Hype created or is it the shear greatness of the product or is it Steve Jobs Marketing strategies or is it the secrecy of the products that was maintained until its official release. We all know that we crave more for what we dont have... isnt it true What do you think?

I have always been a fan of Apple's products becuase of its shear Quality and Excellent Performance. Looking at its products like the Macintosh OS proved to be Unhackable and Virus Free for a long time. Is there an mp3 product that can beat the Ipod with a statistics of over 100 million sold in its first four years.

What more do you need to measure success. Perhaps Apple was eager for success. It has been six years since the launch of Ipod and Apple needed something to break the shackes. The iphone was expected to break the long term drought of Apples product in the market. Would you believe that Apple hired Armed guards to protect the container that had iphones shipped from an unknown Asian Center. Apple also seems to have maintained mum over the disclosure of the components that were used in the manufacture of the iphone except the NVDIA and the AMD graphic components. Was all this added to create an unnatural Hype??

I think the iphone infact was over hyped but did Apple live up to its expectations. Did it better its performance or worse.. What do you think. post your comments

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Monday, July 02, 2007

Blogger Series 3 :How to Show Blogger Code in the Post using < and >

Here is a trick that one can use to show Blogger code in your post. If you try adding a Blogger code in your post for example the code in the post then see what actually happens.

First i would add the Blogger code with out any modifications and in the second method i would add some preheads and post heads to show the Blogger code as it was coded by me.


Second i would add the code withe some modifications that would reveal the total code instead of just the <$BlogDateHeaderDate$> code alone


Till now i have been adding these codes to an image in Microsoft Paint and adding that as an image in the Posts. Here is a trick that i learnt and could be used to post Blogger codes in your post.

  • Start off in the first line with Break code Break
  • Second add <<> as prefix
  • Add <>> as the suffix
  • End it with a Break
  • Repeat this as many times to show the code in a Number of lines
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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Blogger Series 2:Show Blogger Header Date in Multiple posts per day

Here is a question that many of the visitors have emailed me. How to show the date in Multiple posts that were posted on the same day.If you are a user of Blogger and a regular blogger writting multiple posts per day then that is a problem.

Blogger Code has a restriction that when you use the following code the date is displayed only on the first post that you make on each day. If you have multiple posts that were posted on the same day then the Date would not appear on each of these posts if using the code on the left

Here is a turn around trick that can be used in Javascrip that would allow Bloggers to post the Date on Multiple posts that were posted on the same day

The code on the left would assign the <$BlogDateHeaderDate$> value to a variable postDAte.

This variable postDate can then be used outside the code to dispaly the post date on each post that were posted on the same day.

By using this trick you are working around the restriction that would prevent you from dispaying the Date on the Blog header on Multiple posts per day.

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