Saturday, June 30, 2007

HJ File Split 2.3 Version Released

I had previously writtent an article about HJ File Splitter and Joiner that still is the No1 file spliiter and joiner software in the market. Freeware software has released a New version of the spliiter & joiner Version 2.3.

The new version has been improved in its ability to Split and join files as large as 10 Giga Bytes. This is a significant improvement from the previous versions that were supporting files of the size of 1 giga byte.

HJ File splitter is a Free File splitter and Joiner software that is a freeware for Personal and for Corporate use.

The best feature of this Splitter and Joiner is that the software can be run with out installing it on your personal computer. All you have to do is Download the file and execute it .

For more information on using the software you can look at my previous post on HJ file spitter and Joiner

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How much is your Blog Worth for

Have you ever thought that in future you might be able to sell your blog for some X million dollars provided it retains the popularity that it has achieved till now. Experts have predicted that in the near future that a couple of years that Blogs would become theeeeeee most important source of information.

In a couple of days people might not find time to sit and watch Family soaps, TV shows and Movies. The onyl source of news would probably be the internet and RSS feeds. No wonder that Blogs like Engadget and Gizmodo are churning out enormous income.

Have you ever thought How much your current Blog is worth. Here is a tool that is based on the Technorati and is developed by Dane Carlson. Check out how much you Blog is worth about..

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Friday, June 29, 2007

How to choose a Digital Camera

Well if there is something that you would free in plenty then that would be advice from others.. oh just kidding the topic of choosing a Digital Camera. The questions that would come up are Which is the right camera for me and how good is the camera and what is the price..
If you have a hobby of photography or want to keep memories of places you visit or people you meet then you would definetly need a good camera. Well here is a tip that i came across in choosing a good camera from plenty of photos that were taken using those camera. Right if you have guessed it. It is the flickr camera finder .

Flickr shows the popularity of the cameras among the users who have uploaded the phots using their favourite cameras
Well another great site with Excellent reviews on Gadget products like camcorders ,cellphones and Cameras is the website. CNET has excellent reviews on Digital cameras and is one important site to visit before you make a purchase

what kind of digital camera do you want to purchase . Here is an Excellent review from Cnet

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Blogger Tip Series:Tricks to prevent image clicks in your Blog posts

what is the difference in the two photos ??
Well looking at the two photos in the post there really isnt much difference isnt it. But the photos here have been posted in different ways.

If you click on the photo on the left nothing happens at all but when you click on the image on the right the link pointing to the image takes you to a new page and all you see is the image on the browser. So what is the trick here to avoid this ??

Blogger Trick: If you look at the Blogger site there is an Icon right on top which says Edit Html and once you click on it you would see the source code of the post page. Here is the trick when you upload an image you would see a piece of code that would look something like below

This code is usually include between the tags and all you need to do is to remove this piece of code for all images in your post.

Once that is done you are on your way in improving your blog.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Show Recent Ten posts in your Blogger Account

Have you wondered if you could have a list of Recent posts in your Post. Not only does this increase your likeability of the Blog but at the same time helps the website visitors to navigae easily from one article to another one.

Here is the tag that you need to add in your Blog to add the Recent posts in your Itempage of your blogger template

Add this code between tags and your Blog is ready to show the Recent 10 posts of your Blog.This trick could even be used to Post the Recent Comments in your Blog.
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How to Create Backup of entire Blog

The sight of the "Blue screen" was pretty familiar to many of us years back. Windows and DOS machines used to crash and we would end up with this so called "Devil Blue Screen". Have you ever wondered if something happens to your blog account and is unrecoverable.

Well if you havent its time to have a though and backup all your posts. Here is a simple way that blogger users can use to back up their entire posts and comments in a single file. First all you need to do is &) Login to your Blogger account

2) Once you Login goto the Template editing mode and make a Backup of your current template
3) Replace the template code completely with the Below code

4) In your Dashboard - settings section - Formatting change the Number of posts on the main page to N.

5) The N option would show N no of posts on the main page

6)In Settings-Formatting set Date/Time Format to the format MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM:SS AM|PM.

7)In Settings - Formatting set Convert Line Breaks to No. and in Settings - Archiving set the Archving Frequency to NO

8) This would create a single file with all the post. Save the file in your browser. Once the backup is complete restore the Original template and restore the normal settings.

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Get paid for Search Results - Mahalo Greenhouse

Mahalo Greenhouse is part of a Human search Engine project that would pay you $10-$15 for search results by users like us.

As users once accepted you will write search results for various keywords. Once reviewed by the Mahalo team you would be paid for it

This project is very interesting as they use the term "Human search engine".

The only restriction to get paid is that you need to be U.S citizen or a permanent resident for getting paid ! Signup!

Vizu Answers Poll Make Extra Money on your Website

Growing Adsense has become the annoying Nonsense and so are users frustrated with ads popping up all the time due to poor web designs. Here is a tool that would neither annoy the visitors but at the same make some extra monetary value to your Blog.

Vizu Answers is an internet Market Poll advertiser that would post Interactive Web polls on the websites. Publishers would be able to monetize by hosting these polls on their websites or Blogs and would be paid as opinions are posted by the visitors.

The best part about this Poll is that these ads are very user friendly and are placed in Java script. Doing so prevents the page from reloading once a visitor makes a poll on the Vizu Poll.

Anyone can sign up on the Vizu poll site and start hosting polls on their websites. Vizu hosts Demographics Polls until some advertiser requests for a Poll. As publishers signup they can create their own customized Polls ( like the background color,font,font-size) and the width of the poll zone.

The publisher(that is you) would earn money for every impression that is created on the poll and Vizu has a small payout amount of 50$. Vizu also pays a referal pay of 2$ for each Referral signup. Publishers Set Their Own Rates and You set the minimum CPM (cost-per-thousand page views) price for each Poll Zone in your account, and you can modify your price at any time.

This Web Poll seems to be very impressive to conduct internet polls for users,companies and about products in the market. Does that ring bells for the advertising companies?? .

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Add Translation to Blogger Beta or Website

I was wondering to add this feature to my Blog for a long time and atlast Iam making this post of Adding translation to Blogger Beta Using Google Translation Feature. Its a Fact that over 70% of the World speak a different language other than English. So in order to spread my Blogger viewership i have added Google Translation feature to my blog.

Adding Translation to your Blog:

I personally like the Google Translation feature because of its ease of use and compatability. To start of here is the code that needs to be added to the Blog to add the Translation feature. To make it attractive I have uploaded the country flags on Google pages and lined the Translation feature to the flag.

In the above code <$BLOGURL$> points to the BLOG URL(for example it would be ) that needs to be translated to Spanish. As of now Google's Translation feature is available in French,Chinese,Japanese,Korean,Arabic, Spanish, Italian,Portuguese, German and Russian.

en - points to the language from which the Translation is to take place and fr is the language to which the translation is to be done. so change those alphabets in th code to translate to different languages.

To add the other languages to your blog just repeat the above code but changing the es to

  • zh-CN for Chinese
  • fr for French
  • it for Italian
  • pt for Portuguese
  • ja for Japanese
  • ko for Korean
  • de for German
  • ar for Arabic
  • ru for Russian : This link points to the flags for various countries. If you do need the flags you can request for them and i would email it to them. If you do not want the country flags for the link you can leave the img tag empty .

title="Translate Blog to French": This points to the text that would be displayed when you hover over the link.

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Monday, June 25, 2007

Google Talk Gadget Launched - Gtalk with Groupchat and Emoticons

Google yet again comes up with something new and this time its related to the Gtalk. Google haslaunched the new version of its chat messenger also known as Google talk gadget. Gtalk has added new features to its Instant messenger like the Group Chat service and Emoticons.

The advantage of this new feature is that you can include a conference call and can include more than one person in a chat session. This feature has really been missing in Google Talk when compared to other popular messengers like the Yahoo messenger or the MSN messenger.

The feature that excited me of the group chat is that the Conference or Group chat is not limited
to exactly three people but extended to an unlimite number or friends in your address book. Isnt that exciting ???

In order to launch the Google Talk gadget you can either goto
and login with your google account. Once you have logged in you can click on the "Group chat" button on the Top of the chat window to start a Group chat session. Here is a screen shot of it.

Another interesting feature that Google has added is the Emoticons features which makes it very attractive. I really like this feature in Google Talk Gadget. Another feature of the Talk widget is the ability to embedd the Talk gadget in your website. Here is screen shot of adding the Talk widget in your web page and the emoticons on the Talk widget.

The webpage embed Gadget is available in 12 different colors for the users. Google is getting really innovative and yet another boost to the not so popular G-Talk? . Will it help G Talk messenger to Beat popular Messengers like the MSN, Yahoo.. What do you think.. of it ??

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