Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Yahoo Messenger Update for DoS Attack Bug

Yahoo has released a Critical Update to its Popular Messenger Service to protect Yahoo Messenger Users from a Dos attack from a Malicious attacker. News has been spreading across the Internet of a possible bug in Yahoo Messenger service that would potentially allow malicious attackers a computer system.

Yahoo seems to have accepted the potential flaws in Yahoo messenger and has quickly worked on a solution for one of the most popular Instant Messaging Service.

The Flaw in the IM service would potentially lead to a Malicious Script Installation if the user accepts a Webcam Invitation from an attacker. This would lead to a Potential Denial of Service to the PC owner and affect the whole System leading to loss of Productivity.

This is a critical Update for the Yahoo Messenger Users to prevent Dos attacks on their Personal Computers. Yahoo has urged users to update their Yahoo Messengers to the latest update.

With the Gtalk Messenger growing in Popularity and growth of Multi Messenger Services like Meebo and others Yahoo would find it difficult to survive with Potential flaws like this coming out Frequently. The war for Instant Messaging is getting Hotter.... What do you Say... Post your Comments

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