Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Top Iphone Applications and Widgets for your Apple Iphone

Yesterday we had posted an article on some of the coolest iPhone applications that are available for iPhone lovers. Here is another set of Applications and Widget list that any iPhone reader must have in his iPhone.

iPhone RSS Feed Reader: This is a nice application to read RSS feeds on their iPhone. News ranging from Current Affairs, Blogs to Top Videos on You tube. You can catch the latest news on your iPhone with this application installed.

Share Video Audio with Glide:Glide is a free service that lets users to share video, Audio, Document and Photos on your iPhone. Users are provided with a Free 2GB storage space to save their files. Once the files are uploaded in your Glide account you can view them in your iPhone.

Marble Jumper:This is a nice Free game for your iPhone that users Triangular Formation Method.

Solitaire for iPhone:The most happening free game with Windows 95 Operating system. A popular Time pass game for Card Gamers on your iPhone.

Google Search for iPhone: Google has customized their search engine to fit to the small screen size of your iPhone.

Minesweeper Game for iPhone: This is my favourite Game on a PC and here is the iPhone version of the Game. It Reminds me of the Yester yeard of Windows 95 and Windows 98 Operating Systems on my PC.

iPhone Drive:This piece of software lets users to easily transfer files from your Mac to your iPhone and use it as a Hard disk to store files, vidoes, Documents etc . The demo version of the software is free and the paid version costs about 10$.

FaceBook for iPhone: This is probably my favourite application for iPhone. This widget lets users to browse their Facebook profile on their iphone. The widget is attached to the Facebook login to connect to your Profile.

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