Friday, August 17, 2007

Send Large Files Free with DropSend Storage Service

There are a number of Popular Online File storage services like Yousendit, Rapidshare services that lets users to Storage Large Files Online.

DropSend is a nice Service that lets users to Email Large Files of Size 1GB. The best feature that i like about it is that DropSend combines the Features of Online Storage services like Mozy, iBackup or Carbonite with Online upload services like Yousendit or Rapidshare.

There is always the option of Splitting Large files using some Free services like HJ Splitter and send them as Email attachments. This is probably the simplest way of Sending Large Files over the Internet.

DropSend service lets users to send Video, Audio and Image Files across the Internet. Users can send attachment as much as 5 Times per month and with a Maximum file size of 1GB for the Basic Version. The Attached files can also be Downloaded up to 7 Times and have a Validity of 7 days. what it means is that the files will be deleted automatically after 7 Days.

DropSend offers five different Version starting from the Free, Basic Plan, Standard, Pro to Business Versions. The first Four different versions vary in the Number of times a user can Download a File attachment and the amount of Online File Storage space.With the Free Desktop Versions users can upload Folders ,Zip Files as attachments.

Along with Large File attachment service DropSend allows users to store Files online and at the same time allow them to Share with other users. You can also use the Desktop Tool so that you can Upload the files directly from your Desktop.

DropSend supports both Macintosh and Windows 2000,XP,Vista Versions OS. A nice application of DropSend could be used to Archive and Backup your Entire Blog Collection Online. What do you Think....Drop by a Comment !

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