Monday, August 06, 2007

Scribus vs Microsoft Publisher Which is Better ???

Microsoft Publisher is probably the most popular Desktop publishing Software in the software world. One close Open source Desktop publishing Software that can come close to it is Scribus.

Scribus is an open source Desktop publishing tool that is available in Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. The latest version of Scribus even supports the Windows Vista version. Scribus software can be used to create Banners, Greeting cards, Signs, Brochures and Newsletters. Scribus allows features of flexible layout and prepare files for Professional Quality. Scribus can also creates animated and interactive PDF presentations like newspapers, brochures and newsletters.

Scribus is pretty impressive once it is installed on your PC. Its ease of loading fonts, sleek look of the loading screen and its resemblance to Microsoft Publisher make it as immediate choice among users. It is an impressive alternative to Microsoft Publisher that costs about 200$ in the market.

However the Installation process of Scribus is pretty tiresome and would make the amateur users go Mad!. Once Installed Scribus offers some amazing features that could one day beat Microsoft Publisher. Welcome to the world of Open Source!

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