Thursday, August 16, 2007

Record Writing your Email with Fuzzmail

Gone are the days of letter writing with Pen and Paper. In the present it is all Email, Instant Messaging, Twitter, iPhone and what not.. Technology has really kind of over spoilt the kids.

Fuzzmail is a nice online Email Service that is developed at MIT Media Lab by Hayes Raffle and Dan Maynes-Aminzade. So what is so different about Fuzzmail compared to other popular Email services like Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail ?.

Fuzzmail is basically an Emotional email service Where the Email services records you act of Writing Email.What it means is that You way of Writing your Email is recorded by Fuzzymail. For example you could add some words and than change them or else add colors or images to your Email but later decided to Remove them. Fuzzmail records all these instances of changes to your Email and send its over to the receiver.

The idea of Fuzzmail might not be as productive when you are Composing an Email to your Boss or Professor at school but would definitely help you if you are writing a Love Letter to your Girl Friend. It would show the amount of effort you have put in in writing the content of the letter to your lover. After all Girls love the Talk!

Fuzzmail is a free service that can be accessed at their website. There are several examples of Fuzzmail usage on the website for review before usage.

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