Friday, August 17, 2007

Newspaper Phili Succumbs to Online Advertising

Growing Online advertising like Google AdSense is having its effects on Paper Newspaper as more and more readers are either turning away from reading Papers and books to Reading Blogs and News on the Internet.

Recent news about Philadelphia Courier Newspaper indicates that they have succumbed to the pressure of Online Advertising leading to Negative growth of Newspaper readers. Newspapers that are finding hard to survive with out Income are forced to Online Advertising like Google Adsense and Yahoo Publisher Network.

Philadelphia Courier a Premier newspaper has fallen in Love with Yahoo Advertising Network. Yahoo would be adding Advertising Technlogy and Advertising Sales to promote products on Philis Online Newspaper Site as the Newspaper is struggling to find Income and Readers.

Online Advertising certainy seems to have its effects as more than 400 Newspaper Online Versions have added Online Advertising to their Weblogs. The Best feature about Online Weblogs and Blogs is that Blogs allow a lot of Interactivity between Blog Readers and the Posts. Users can post their Opinions on whether they agree or Disagree on Topics of Interest. This basically creates a lot of enthusiasm and interest among Readers on Debatable Articles.

This is Probably something that lacks in Newspapers. As pointed out by this article on LA times that has pointed out that Newspapers as now a days unable to Engage Readers with their One way Written Topics.What do you say...

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