Saturday, August 04, 2007

Microsoft Word Trick Creates Word Backup Files

This is probably not a Trick but a Hidden Option in Microsoft Word that most of the users are not aware when using Word. Microsoft Word has a nice feature in Office 2003 where users can create a Backup copy of every Microsoft Word File that they create and Save in their Work area.

Users can always save a Word File on a Different name as a Backup Copy. But as Humans as Blessed with the "Power of Forgetting things" it becomes imperative for us to let Microsoft Word to Handle that Job.
  • Open a Word Document and Select the Tools Option in your Menu.
  • Under the Tool Menu Choose Options.
  • In the Options Menu you need to choose Tab that is names "Save". See the Screenshot below

  • Under the Save Menu Tick the Option " Always Create Backup Copy".
  • Once this Option is selected and Saved than any file that is saved in Microsoft word would be Backed up.
  • The Backup File would be created in the same location as the Original File but the name of the file would be prefixed with the word "Backup".
This option would be particularly useful in case one deletes or loses his original copy.Users can Restore the Backup Copy and use it.

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1 comment:

Jeff said...

It's always struck me a totally stupid, a missed opportunity at least, that Word won't let you specify where to put that auto bak file. The bak file could also be sent somewhere as an offsite backup. I'd love to know there's a way to do this.