Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Keywords in Blog Post and Title are Important for Search Engines

There is so much of talk about Keywords and Search Engine Optimization that a Blogger gets lost totally in it.

For an Amateur Blogger who has started his blogging career the most important aspect would be to start posting regularly. Posting regularly would not only give an impression to the visitors that the content is fresh and it also keeps the search crawlers revisiting your Blog.

Once you have posted for a couple of days regularly you would start gaining knowledge from fellow blogger's about use of Keywords, RSS feeds, Email Posting and about improving Blog Design to attract your visitors. This is something that you could develop on. You could probably learn about Feed services like Zookoda, Feedburner or Feedblitz.

So you have come to a point where you want to increase Traffic to your Blog and here would be the point where the importance of keywords in your Blog comes in to play. Keywords are defined as

" Search words that users type in to a search engine to find related content".

For example take the case of "Paris Hilton". The screenshot shows the search results for the term in Word Tracker.

Research from Search Engine Journals has indicated that over 50% of users will click search results from the first 3 pages of their keyword related search results in Google, Yahoo or any other Search Engine. The majority of Traffic to any Blog is received from Search Engine unless you are Perez Hilton or a Gizmodo Blog.

In order for Blog Posts to reach the top pages of Google Search Results it is imperative that users use Keywords in their Title and Posts. So the next time you post your Blog just think for a minute about the keywords that could be used in your Blog post. For the above example you could add keyword in your title "Paris Hilton, Jail, Celebrity " etc.

Again the emphasis is that you can only increase your Traffic by posting regularly and not just by having keywords in your Post. Keywords are useful for your blog posts to reach the top pages of the search Engines.

Google has a nice keyword tool that users can use to check for the Keywords that are recognized in your Blog and at the same time gain information about the search volume and competition for keywords on the Web. This would be an useful tool for bloggers to find search volume for terms and at the same time analyze your Blog for keyword Content.

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