Friday, August 10, 2007

How to Move Blogger Account between Blogger Users

One of my Friend who uses a Blogger account asked me if he could move his Blogger Account from one Account to another Account. After a little bit of work it is possible for Blogger with a Blogspot account to Transfer his Blog from One account to Another account.

How to Move Blogger Account:
  • First Login to your Blogger Account and in your Dashboard you would have three options under Tabs named Posting, Settings, Templates.
  • Select Setting Tabs and Choose the Permissions Sub Tab under it
  • Under the Permission Tab you need to add a Blog Author to whoom you want to Transfer your Blog account.
  • Send an invitation to the New Email Account to which you want to Transfer the Blog Account.
  • Next Logout of your Current Blogger account and ask the Blogger to whoom you want to Transfer the Account to accept the Invitation that was sent to him
  • Once the Invitation as Blog Author is Accepted than you need to Login back to your Blogger Account and Follow the same instructions as Posted above till you reach the Blog Authors Section.
  • Now in the blog Authors Section you would see two Email Account that have access to your Blog account as shown in the Screenshot.
  • If you look at the above screenshot you would see one account that has an Admin access and the new Blog author account that you recently added has a Guest Access .
  • Double Click the link "Guest" and the new Author would now have Admin access
Remove the old Blogger Account from the Admin access and the Blog is now Transferred to a New account . I would be interested if this Method Works for other Bloggers. Post your Reviews.
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Junelle said...

Thanks for this helpful idea, my colleague needs this info.

Anonymous said...

Forget it, its not working....

I have finally made it possible to move blogs between accounts. Now
you can move your blog to different gmail account & organize the
things well.

The steps are relatively easy!

First...with Google, set up the second account with adsense account
where you want to transfer the blog.

for more...Chk it Out
Google 24X7

Steve & Sherry said...

This worked PERFECTLY for me, thank you for such a simple tutorial!

carlos said...

great job. this solved my issue.

I had created a blogger account before having a gmail account.

Anonymous said...

I have my google account linked to my blog. I wanted to use scribefire plugin and some other desktop tools to update it.

But, I did not want to use my normal account details for that as you never know the security level of those 3rd part stuff.

So, I created a new google account and transfered admin control to new account thanks to your tutorial.

Thank you for posting it. it was very useful.

Kapila Withanage

nggapriel said...

thanks for the post

I can move my blog now
^ ^

Primal said...

This was so simple! Thanks a lot!