Tuesday, August 07, 2007

How to Install Windows XP over Windows Vista

This has the most popular question among some of the forums with users purchasing PC's with Windows Vista and later wanting to revert to Windows XP due to the un stability of Vista.

Windows XP is by far the most stable version of Windows and by far the most reliable Operating system from Microsoft. Installing XP over Windows Vista seems to more Tiresome compared to installing it vice versa.

To install Windows XP over Windows Vista:

Windows Vista has a cool feature where users can adjust their Hard Disk volume by shrinking it. Use the Shrinking Feature that is available when you Right click on Start menu and Choose Manage.

Once Right clicked you would come in Computer Management Panel Where you can choose the Storage Menu and then choose the Disk Management Option as show.

Once the Shrinking of the Disk is done you would have a new partition on your Hard Disk.

Right Click the Unused Partition and assign a Disk Volume to it .

Restart your PC and put in your Windows XP CD in your CD or DVD Drive to install Windows XP on the new partition.

Once Installed you PC would start in Windows XP as the Boot option of Windows Vista would be lost. Now install any of the Boot Magic Software's to Boot Multiple OS on your Operating Systems. Boot Magic is a software that lets PC to boot multiple Operating systems on a Single PC.

VistabootPro is a nice Freeware software for booting with Multiple Operating Systems

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