Monday, August 06, 2007

How to be or becomer a good Blogger

Blogging has evolved at an amazing exponential pace and a blog is started almost every few minutes across the Globe. With growth of Google Adsense and Contextual Advertising Blogging has become a profession for some bloggers like Problogger and Labnol.

If you are an Amateur Blogger or one interesting in Blogging here are some thoughts to share in order to become a successful Blogger.

So you have thoughts of starting a Blog . The next question that comes up to you is What do i blog about?. .

Topic of Blogging : Take a piece of paper and note down subjects that interest you and are passionate about them. You could probably start a Blog and any of the topics that you are passionate about it. Some one might like to write about Celebrities, Cars, Love, Cooking and Photography. What ever it is Bloggers need a Passion and need to hold on to that passion to become a Successful Pro blogger.

How to Start a Blog: Blogger's can use one of the services like Blogger, Live Journal or Word press. It is suggested that Blogger's should start a blog on their own Domain. You never know you could be the Next Face book or Hotmail.

Blog Regularly: Blogging Regularly is something that would definitely be difficult for Beginners. Be Patient and stick to a Schedule of Writing atleast one post per Day. Readers can find News about their Topics of Interest in News Papers, Magazines, RSS Feeds etc.

Dont Blog Alone: Blogging is Definitely not a one man show. Well Blog can be written by one person but one needs to participate in a community at least till a blogger gets recognized. Participate in Forums, Comment on other Bloggers, Interact with Blogger's and Encourage comments.

Learning Process: To be a Successful blogger it is going to take time. Behind every Blogger's success there is an enormous amount of Hard work and time.It is a matter of time and if you hold on to that extra moment than success would come around your corner. With time Blogger would find a number of friends ,loyal readers and fame.

Exchange Links: There is so much on news about Search Engine Optimization , Page Rank, Keyword etc. For a Blogger who has just started Blogging the most important aspect would be to post Regularly and Post quality Content.

Never Cut and Paste Content from another Blog: Never lift content from a Blog and Post it in your Blog. This is the worst that a Blogger can do to his Blog. One can never become successful by lifting content from another post. Writing is an art. Some are born writer while others become Good Writers. If you are not a Born Writer it is definetly going to take time. You need to be willing to learn from other Bloggers.

The above are just a small number of thoughts that i wanted to share with my readers. You could be Blogging for Money or Passion. Again the emphasis would be be to start with Quality and Regularity to pave way in becoming a successful Problogger.

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