Wednesday, August 01, 2007

How does a Wireless Network Router Work

Wireless Routers are Devices that can be used to create a Wireless Network at Homes, Offices or Public Places like Restaurants, Hotels etc. So How does a Wireless Router Work?.

A Wireless Router basically work with Signals in the Radio Frequency Range with the Wireless Network Card that is Installed on the PC. The important aspect of this Signal exchange system is that both the Network Card and the Router works in the same Radio Frequency Range allowing Data Transmission Back and Forth between the Devices.

A Wireless Router instead of using a Physical Wired Connection between Devices uses the Radio Frequency range signals to Transmit Signals Back and Forth between the devices. A Router is an Intelligent Device that can decide whether a signal needs to Transmitted to the Internet or to a Local Computer on the Internet.

The Strength of Signal Depends on the Manufacturer and the actual Internet Signal Strength Provided by the ISP. A Wireless Network also adds the Funcitonality of Securing the Network with Security Keys, Firewalls etc. Wireless Networks are a Great way to add roaming Functionality to Devices like Laptops, Printers etc.

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