Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Generate Free Newspaper Online with Fodey

Everyone across the World is expecting the next big thing after the Apple iPhone would be the "Google Phone" and so am i waiting for that big news from Google.

This article hasn't been scanned from any newspaper nor it is a preview of a Future news that would be published in Tomorrow's News. It is a Fake Newspaper!!!!. has a nice Free Newspaper Generator where users can Create Free Online Newspaper for themselves

Users have to provide the Newspaper name, Article Title and the Content of the Article. would create a Newspaper alike Image with the Content you have uploaded on the Newspaper Generator. The Online Newspaper Generator Tool just gives you a feeling of a real newspaper. Isn't that Great !!!.

Besides the Newspaper Snippet Tool Fodey's Website has other Tools like the Clapping Board, Talking Squirrels, Jiggle Jiggle, Ninja Text, Talking Flowers, Talking Tomatoes etc. It is a nice way even to write a Post on your Blog reminding users of the Newspapers world. With the growth of Internet Newspapers seem to find difficult in finding Readers and Advertisers to sustain in the market. Can the newspaper Market Survive the next big thing in the world Blogging? We have to Wait and Watch...


Kanak said...

wow ..this is very good option .. I think i can use for my blogs header kind of stuff. great find. thanks for sharing

Kishore Reddy said...


It kind of helps you to make a post like a real newspaper

Support said...


This article is good and informative.

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Anonymous said...

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