Thursday, August 02, 2007

Customize Windows XP with Fresh UI Utility

Utility. Fresh Fresh Devices has recently launched the latest Version 7.88 of Fresh UIUI is a Free Tweaking Tool to Configure and Optimize your Operating Systems including Windows Vista. The Previous Versions were compatible with Windows XP, ME, 2000, 98 and 95 Versions.

One could call it as Tweaker Heaven Tool for Operating Systems. Users can Change an Infinite Number of Setting in your Operating system Many of which are Unexplored by Normal Users.

You can Change Settings from the Simple Customizing Windows User Interface (UI),Optimizing system settings, Optimizing hardware settings, Customizing Windows application settings, Controlling user environment with policies.

The Interface has a Nice Description of the Settings that the users Wish to Change in his Operating system Settings. Users can Choose to Enable, Disable the settings by Double clicking the Link Attached to the Task. Fresh UI also gives a Detail Descripton of the Operating Systems that the Option is Supported. Here is a Snapshot
It is a Must Have utility for all Users and it allows Novoice users to Customize Settings. The Navigation Panel is nicely Designed and Each Menu has a Detailed Description of the Tasks allowing users to Customize the Settings for the Selected Task.

Free UI can be Downloaded for Free without any Banners or Adwares attached to the Software.

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