Saturday, August 18, 2007

Blogging just for Money or for Passion Too

I have seen so many Start up Bloggers either Monetizing their Blog with PayperPost or ReviewMe Services at their early startup. Basically these services Pay Bloggers for Posting articles on Topics of their Choice on their Blog. Is it really worth?

Recently i read an article as show above a list of Top Earners at PayperPost and other Paid Review Services. I Particularly have nothing against Paid Bloggers but i definitely feel that Blogging just for the sake of Money seem to really reduce the Quality of Bloggers in the Blogging World.

Taking an example of any of the Top Bloggers like Stevepavlina, Problogger there is definite quality in their Blogs. One cannot make Huge Money in Blogging from Day One and it is certainly going to take some time depending on the amount of Time and effort you are putting into it.

On the other Hand there are Paid Posts where a Blogger posts about a Topic for example "Credit card Debt ". The Blogger who is reviewing the topic would have absolutely no knowledge about the topic but would have a Blog post on the Topic. Here is a nice example why one blogger has quit PayperPost Review.

Blogging definitely could be used for Monetization but at the same time one shouldn't Blog just for Money. Blog with Passion and you are definetely going to make a number of new friends and at the same time learn a number of things that you wouldnt learn in the outside word.

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Salman Siddiqui said...

those blogging only for money die down soon dude.

Not in my case though. I have stopped updating my blog as I am shifting to wordpress very soon. But friend sometimes a little money along with passion is great as you need to invest down the line to make your blog famous. Like I plan to buy a custom template for my new wordpress blog.

All that needs money na? Why pinch you dad for such things?

Kishore Reddy said...

Well i certainly agree with your salman that a little bit of money along with passion will not hurt.

The point i was making was that you really need to enjoy the process of blogging and not just blog because there is money behind it..

Salman Siddiqui said...

agreed dude but as you included my blog in that article so I had to clear my views.. ;)