Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Blogger Updates add Related Profile Search Feature in Blogger Profile

Blogger has added another excellent feature of related search in Blogger's Profile. Blogger's can now visit Blogs that are related to search terms in their Blogger Profile. That is if you have listed the term "Blogger" as one of your Interests in your Blogger profile you can now search all Blogger users who have similar interests in Blogger.

Blogger's can even find fellow bloggers who are busy blogging in your Town or you might discover your next house Neighbour who is also a Passionate Blogger. This is an excellent feature in finding poeple of similar interests, thoughts and future partners etc.

The search results are powered by Blogger search Engine and search results would be listed based up on the Freshness of the content and relevancy. What it means is that Blogs that are recently updated with relevant content would be listed higher compared to other Blogs with relevant content

This is a great feature for Bloggers to find fellow bloggers in your locality and with similar interests. Are you still waiting. Go update your Profile in your Aboutme Page!!

Blogger users can turn of this feature so that they aren't listed in the search results. Simple go to your Profile Page and "Uncheck my Profile" option to be unlisted.

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