Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Blogger Service adds Enclosure Link Feature

Google seems to be in a hurry to improve the Quality of Blogspot Blogger service and has been adding quite a bit of features recently.Blogger has recently been added a nice Video Upload features for Blogspot users. Another Interesting Feature that Blogger has added is the Inline Link feature as shown below

The new feature lets Blogspot users to add Back links to Posts directly at the bottom of the post.The Link feature would be very useful if your blog posts are frequently linked to other Blogging articles and you want the links to these easily spotted on your public blog.

In Order for this feature to be useful Bloggers need to Enable the Show Link Field Option to 'Yes' in their Blogspot Settings. This is a Wonderful new feature that would allow Bloggers to
track back links to Blog Posts.

With Growing Competition from Wordpress Blogging Service Google's Blogger Service definitely seems to be catching its Competitor. What do you Think? Post your Comments


Kanak said...

I am big fan of wordpress and seriously I dont think google's blogger is anywhere near to it ... Instead of adding these small utilities , i think first thing they should work on the comment form and make it more integrated with blogger.
guess what for few seconds i was searching the post comment link after the post. :(
quoting johnchow of johnchow.com
"there are two types of bloggers. One who blog on wordpress and another who wish to blog on wordpress " :D ... evil isnt it :evil: ??

Kishore Reddy said...


I certainly agree that there needs to be an improvement in the comment section of Blogger

Probably have to wait for some time