Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Blogger Adds Inline Adsene Ads in Posts

Blogger had added a new Feature where users can insert Adsense Ads in between Posts. This new feature certainly is useful for all Bloggers who wanted to insert Ads either after the First post or insert ads for a couple of posts on the Main Page of a Blog.

This new feature is introduced as a Widget Application and would not be applicable to Bloggers like this Blog who still use the old Blogger Template. Bloggers can insert a maximum of 3 Adsense Widgets on any single page(as per Adsense Rules and Regulations).

Inorder to add Inline Adsense Ads users have to Edit the Post Widget and select the "Show Ads Between Blogger Posts" as show in the above Screen shot. Once Customized to show Inline Adsense Ads Bloggers can even customize the Number of Times an Adsense Ad would appear, Format of the Ad, Color, Font etc.

This Feature is certainly useful for Bloggers as they were faced issues of adding Inline Adsense Ads on the Main Page of Blogger. It is time for Bloggers to switch from the old Blogger Template to the Widget Layout Version to utilize the new features in Blogger.

Which Version of Blogger do you like and use.. The Template Version or the Widget Layout Version. Post your Comments!.

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