Friday, August 03, 2007

Best Ten Firefox Extensions for your PC

Mozilla had recently released a New Updated Version of its FireFox Browser ahead of its most anticipated Version 3.0 which could be announced in a couple of months. FireFox has been my favourite for many reasons but one of them it the users ability to Install Plugins in to the Browser. Here are some of the Best FireFox Extensions that i wanted to share with my Readers.

FireFox Best Ten Extensions:

The NewTab Homepage: This is a nice applet that lets the Plugin to automatically load your Homepage whenever you open a New Tab on your FireFox Browser.If you have multiple Tabs already Open the First Page in the Browser is selected as the Home page.

Gmail Drive Extension: Gmail could be used as a Virtual Hard Drive to store your Files.The Plugin created an Option called Gspace in the FireFox Tools Menu. The Plugin connects to your Gmail Login and users can store Files in your Gmail Drive. However many users have reported that the Gmail Drive Extension doesn't work with the Latest version of the FireFox Browser.

AdBlock Plus: Everyone of us have faces from Spyware, Adware on our Computers. AdBlock is a nice Plugin to prevent Websited from Loading ads in to your Browser. This Plugin by eliminating Adware actually speeds up the loading of Websites to an Extent.

Fire FTP Version 0.97:
Fire FTP is a File Transfer Plugin where users can download Files, Folders, Videos from the Web using the Firefox Browser. The Plugin Provides Encryption service to protect the upload the Download of files from the File server. I particularly like the Drag and Drop Feature in the Plugin to Upload and Download Files.

IE Tab Browser:The IE Tab Browser lets users to add the IE Browser in to the FireFox Browser. This is a Great Utility for Die Hard FireFox fans as some of the websites and software's are still only Compatible with Internet Explorer. This is probably another feature that makes FireFox a better Browser compared to IE.

All-in-One Sidebar 0.7.1:
An All in One Sidebar lets users to add a Sidebar to your FireFox Browser. This Sidebar provides an easy way to access your Menu Options in your FireFox Browser. The Sidebar is very user Friendly letting users to customize its Position, Width, Height etc.

Foxy Tune Music Plugin:
This is an awesome music player in a Browser. Foxy Tunes Plugin install a small audio player in your Browser that lets users play audio files of several popular formats like wmv,mp3 etc. Users can control any Media Player like the Windows Medial Player, VLC player, Foobar 2000 Player playing on your Desktop using Foxy Tunes.

Duplicate Tab 0.9:
As the name sounds this Plugin lets users to Clone of Duplicate the existing Tab of your Browser. Usually a FireFox Browser loves to open a Blank Page if a Home page is not setup or else open the Home Page when ever a new Tab is Opened. Using Duplicate Tab you can Open the Page in your Existing Tab in the New Tab or Windows. Try it out its Fun!

Answers Plugin 2.2.27
All of us would have used the website once or Twice but this Plugin lets you use the same feature in your FireFox Browser. This Plugin allows users to Find Explanations or Answers to Terms that they Dont understand or like more Information about the Terms. Users need to Hold the Alt + and click on any Word in the Browser. A Pop up would open up with an Explanation of the Term.

Wizz RSS News Reader RSS is a hot technology that is growing too fast in the current year. So if you Didnt know What is an RSS Feed you need to check out this Video. Wizz RSS Reader is a nice Plugin that lets users Read RSS Feeds in their Browser. The Plugin is a simple and Impressive.

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