Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Best Iphone Applications for Iphone Lovers

The iPhone buzz continues with some mixed thoughts among the first purchasers. But iPhone is one tool than any of the Mac Fans would love to have his hands on one of it. Here are some of the cool Applications for iPhone lovers

Ipheedr News Aggregator: Ipheedr is a news aggregator that users can use to import OPML files from Google Reader, Bloglines, News Gator etc. Bloggers can use this Ipheedr tool to download and read their Favourite RSS Feeds from their PC.

Readdle Image Viewer: Readdle is a nice application to view doc, gif, html, jpeg, pdf, rtf, txt, xls files on you iPhone. Users have to register for Free on the Readdle website. Once registered users can upload images and pdf files in their accounts. As the files are uploaded in to your account you can view the image files or documents on your iPhone.

Pocket Tweet:
Pocket tweets is a Web based client that can be used to update your status on Twitter, View Friends status and also access your Twitter messages.

Movie Trainlerconnect:Users can watch Trailer from Apple's Trailer site using this Movie Plugin for the IPhone. This is a nice feature for the Mac fans to watch Movie Trailers on their iPhone.

Goolge GUI Terminal:Google code project released a Mobile terminal application that lets users to console an ssh client connection to file servers.

BeeJive: BeeJive is an instant messenger service that connects your iPhone to popular Messenger services like AIM®/iChat, MSN®, Yahoo!®, GoogleTalk®, ICQ®, and Jabber. Beejive lets users to store chat, switch between chats and users can even send emails from char screen. Beejive has an unlimited Emoticon collection for iPhone Lovers.

Sudoku for iPhone:If you are a Sudoku fan like me than this a must have plugin for all iPhone users. The Interface is excellent and loads pretty fast on your iPhone.

IFuntastic Custom Ringtones: Mac world has a nice tutorial about new ring tones on your iPhone. If you are a Ring tone Geek than this tutorial is a must read for you.

iPhone The Missing Manual: David Pogue has a nice ebook for users looking for a manual to learn about the features in an iPhone. I haven't read this book and have no comments on it. From the Gossip across the Mac world it is seen that the iPhone Missing Manual bridges the gap between an Amateur Mac Fan and a Die Hard Fan in knowing about the product.

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