Friday, August 10, 2007

Auto Archive Feature in Microsoft Outlook 2003

Microsoft Outlook has a nice feature inbuilt that allows users to Auto Archive their messages at regular intervals as specified by the users. This is an inbuilt feature that most of the users are unaware . Auto Archiving regularly would help users in reducing access time to their Inbox and at the same provide an automatic archiving Feature of their Email messages on your PC.

In order to Auto archive email Messages users need to turn on this Auto Archive Feature that is located in Tools Menu of Microsoft Outlook. I currently use Outlook 2003 but the following steps would be applicable in other version of Microsoft Outlook too.

On the File Menu of Microsoft Outlook Select the Tools --> Options Sub menu and under the Options Sub menu Select the other Tab as Shown below

Choose the Auto Archive Button on the Menu leading to a Pop up Menu with Various options to select the time period for re occurrence of the Archiving Process. check the snapshot below.

You can set the Auto Archive Process to occur anywhere between 1day to 99 days . Archiving regularly does optimize the loading of Outlook for regular and high volume users. Users can also add an optional feature to either Archive the old Email messages in a folder of your choice or Delete Expired Items Permanently.

Further there is an add on feature to move old Email items that are older than 6 months to a .pst file or Delete them Permanently. This is a nice feature but at the same time users need to be cautious that you can loose Email Messages Permanently if you choose the second option. So think twice !!!

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