Monday, July 23, 2007

Windows XP Tricks to Avoid Hardisk Corruption during Standby of Hibernation Mode

If you have a Hard Disk Capacity of greater than 125GB and have been experiencing hard disk errors than Microsoft has a tool to protect your Hard disk from crashing during Hibernation and Standby Mode.If you have symptoms like

  • Your computer may restart instead of resuming from hibernation.
  • You may experience hard disk corruption when your computer enters either standby or hibernation.
  • You may experience hard disk corruption when Windows XP writes a memory dump file as a result of an unrecoverable Windows error (or Stop error) (source)

How to Protect your Hard disk from Corruption:
  • First install the latest Service Pack (SP2) for Windows XP.
  • Browse your IE or Firefox to
  • Search for the file KB331958 and you should have the following result as shown in the image

There is a comparable version for Windows 64 bit version users on the Microsoft support site.
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