Saturday, July 28, 2007

Windows Process Explorer is The Advanced Task Manager

Task Manager is one utility that all of us would have come across using Windows Operating System. Microsoft has a set of System Files that are not available by default during installation of Windows Operating system. Task Manager really doesn't give much Information about the Tasks that are currently running on your PC.

Windows Process Explorer is a System Utility that can be downloaded for free at the Microsoft Technet website for Free. Process Explorer is an Advanced Task Manager that gives a Novice user advanced Information about the Tasks that are currently running on your Windows PC.

Process Explorer gives a lot of Information about a process digging down deep about the Company who created the product, the application that launched the process and the resources the process is currently utilizing. This would be particularly useful sometimes to Shutdown processes that are utilizing most of Processing Speed of the Processor.

It can even help in Eliminating in Spam Softwares that can get installed on your PC through the Internet.
The best part of the utility is that is you need not install the software on your PC. Just Download the File from the Microsoft Website and Store it in a Folder. You can run the Process Manager as and When Required for your PC.
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