Thursday, July 19, 2007

Winace Compression Software Available in Standard and Plus Versions

Most of you are Familiar with the Zip Software Tool Winzip. Here is another amazing Piece of Software that has Better Compression Rate compared to Winzip.Winace by Comparison to WinZip has an amazing interface compared to Bland brown Winzip Interface.

The Blue background for the background kind of gives a cool look for the Interface. WinAce like its competitors is pretty small in size of about 2.65Mb in Size and installs in a Zip seconds. The Interface has Menus on the Top and the Explorer Section at the Bottom as Shown in the Screenshot below. The Icons are all pretty nicely stacked and with Wording below the icons make them even better.
Best Compression Rate for Video Files: I have used Winzip, Winrar and Winace Sotware and found out that the Compression rate for Winace far Exceeds that of Winzip and Winrar. So if you want to Compress Video Files than Winrar is the Best Zipping Software. Adding to that the Compression Rate of Winace is Much Quicker than Compared to Winrar and Winzip. Though Winace fails to impress me in the Text and Image Compression where the Performance of Winzip and Winace exceeds it.

But in reality with External Hard Drive Spaces in the range of Terabytes I would bother to compress text files but would Mind compressing Files that Occupy Enormous Space on the Hard Disk. Have you tried any other File Compression Softwares. Post in your Comments.

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