Monday, July 16, 2007

What is a Widgets: checkout Widgetbox on your website

What is a Widget ? Have you ever heard of it. I too havent heard of it until a couple of days back. The interesting thing is that i had used widgets on websites but i wasnt aware that it was called a Widget.............................>>

Definition of Widget:
" A widget is nothing but a small program code that is embedded on your website. This small code when clicked would transfer you to the respective website or the url to which it is linked".

Well this might not not be the exact definition of widget but this is what a widget would do. Experts have predicted that Widgets are going to be the future. check out this news on Businessweek website.

If you have used Google Reader or igoogle for your personal uses. you should have noticed the way you would add feeds onto your google reader. These are nothing but widgets. Widgetbox is a nice widget tool website that lets you integrate widgets on to your Blog.

Widgetbox lets you integrated your widgets that you create on their website in to popular social or Blog sites like Facebook,Myspace,Blogger,Wordpress, Typepad etc. All you need to do is create a Widget for yourself or integrated the widgets that are already available on the website.

Widgets have become popular on top websites like the Forbes , Mashable. The advantage of Widgets is that their simplicity in nature. There is very less coding on your part and they look spectacular matching with your website content. Besides the features are growing everyday and one day you can integrate links to any website but using these beatifull widgets.

Google is even funding Widget developers to develop top class widgets for Google Check out this link for Gadget Ventures by Google. If you are the Geeky one here is the opportunity to make some cool money.

Have you used widgets on your website. Which widgets have you used. Let others know in your comments.If you like my post you can subscribe to my Newsletter for my Future posts.

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JD and Lucy said...

Thanks, now I at least know the words ''ping'' and ''widget''...Maybe it's just me but I think all these computer words sound dirty until I learn what they mean...okay, and after I know what they mean too. Thanks anyway.