Sunday, July 22, 2007

TVU player Latest Version Released 2.3.2 beta47

TVU player is a online video player where you can Watch TV online for Free. I had previous posted an article on Sopcast. Sopcast is another video player that you can use to watch TV Channels for free Online.

TVU player is based on a Peer to Peer Broadcasting service where a user would broadcast a channel over the Internet. The more number of users who watch a broadcast the stronger the signal. It is similar to the Torrent File sharing technique of peer to peer distribution. TVU player at most times has over 250+ channels broad casted simultaneously at one time. So the system requirements for TVU player would be:
The broadcast on the TVU player is pretty Good in terms of quality. Again it depends on the Strength of the signal. IF the brodcast rate is pretty poor then the quality is going to be pretty poor. But it is a great way to watch Free TV online.
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