Saturday, July 14, 2007

University of Berkeley Lectures Online podcasts

Yesterday there was a post about Stanford University offering podcast videos in collaboration with Apple computers(itunes) collaboration. Well here is another University offering some video lectures from some Great professors. Have you heard of Avida
Zakhor a pioneer in Signal and Image processing at the University of California, Berkeley campus.

If you didnt know about Univeristy of Berkeley then here is some infor about it. University of Berkeley is a prestigious university located at Berkeley, California, United States. It is ranked in as Top Ten Universities in the fields ranging from Arts,Science to Technology. Berkeley University has been offering podcast of its courses from Fall 2001 to Current Semester.

University of California Berkeley campus offers podcast of its courses to facilitate students who have missed classes or cannot take classes at Berkeley campuses. So here is an opportunity for all those who are interested in learing courses online. Here is the link to the page at University of Berkeley where information about Course podcasts are located on their website . Podcast are offering in 40-50 courses in each semesters.

Some of the lectures are available online while others can be downloaded on to your PC and then on to your Ipod. This is a great opportunity for all the guys and girls who have missed classes at Berkeley(which is kind of rare) and for those student who are interested in learning a little extra (outside the curriculum)

I personally have heard a lot of lectures from this website and have found it very usefull. Have you used the webcast facility. Did you like those lectures.. Do you think other universities shoudl provide podcasting of the lectures. Let me know your comments

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