Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Top Image Viewer :IrfanView 4.00

I had a previous post about Foobar 2000 which is perhaps the best audio player for mp3/wmv or other audio formats. IrfanView is another software that i have been using for quite a while and have found it very useful.

I have always appreciated software that would install with ease, Small Size and ease of use. Its a Simple Image Editing Software that can be used to Edit/Crop images. You can even create Slideshows and at the same time convert Images from one Form to Another Form.

You can convert Images from Popular Image Forms like JPEG,BMP,GIF,ICO,JP2 Formats. IrfanView is Free for NonCommerical Use and supports over in 20 Languages.

Which Image Editing Software do you use for Image Editing. Let me know in your Comments. You can Download it at Download Website .
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