Monday, July 30, 2007

Replace your Notepad with Advanced NoteTab Text Editor

Notepad is a Simple Text Editor that comes along with your Windows Vista or XP OS but what lacks in Notepad is lack of features. Note Tab Light is a Free ware Text Editor with features like Tab Windows where users can Switch between Multiple Tabs. Users can Open Multiple Text Documents and Switch across them with ease.

Note Tab Software is available in Three Different Versions ranging from a Free Light Version, Pro to a Standard Version. The latest Note Tab Version 5.3 is Compatible with Windows Vista Version.

Note Tab allows users to Open an Unlimited number of Tabs on its Interface.Each file runs in its own Tab and switch between the Windows is pretty easy. Note Tab is some Interesting Features where Users can Extract HTML code out of a Document, Paste Board that can be used to save Text Clips Automatically . Users can choose a Document as a Paste Board. Any content that is added to the Clip board will be Automatically appended with the Content in the Paste Board.

Note Tab also has a clip Library where users can access small Drag and Drop scripts starting from a Text, Audio Clips, HTML Tabs and other Scripting Language Codes. The Advanced Version of the Note Tab has features like replacing Content in a File without Opening the File.

Note Tab Light Free Edition is a Perfect Editor with Some Great Features yet to be Explored. The Free Version offers Many Features that lack in other editors. You can Check out for Note Tab Website for Download and its Exhaustive Features.

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