Sunday, July 15, 2007

Replace your Fax Machine and use Internet Fax

A couple of days back i had written an article about " How to Send Free Fax From your PC" using Faxzero website. Faxzero is a very good website if you are a low end user in terms of sending your faxes and receiving them. When there is a restriction that you cannot receive Faxes from Faxzero website. But here is another service that i have been using to receive faxes and has been very useful to me.

Jconnect has some interesting features:
# Pick your own local fax and voicemail number in over 2,000 cities around the world.
# Send faxes from your favorite desktop applications via email or a Web browser in over 45 formats.
# Receive faxes as email attachments.
# Conduct easy, convenient and inexpensive conference calling.

For more information about their features you can website the Jconnect website . With a Choice of choosing from a local number to a Toll Free number the choices are unlimited. The prices are very nominal. You can receive a Fax for free on either a Toll Free Number choice of a Local Number. Sending a Fax will merely cost you $0.10cents.

They even has a 30 day trail option for those interesting in testing the Fax service absolutely Free !. I had used a Normal Fax machine for a number of years but it has been expensive to have a Normal Fax machine. I need to have a Telephone line,Fax machine and electricity added to it. But with Internet fax i have reduced my cost with an efficient and reliable service(Internet Fax). Besides Jconnect there are other services like the efax .com.

Have you used the Internet Fax service. Which service provider do you use ? Let me know your comments
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