Saturday, July 28, 2007

Remin Yourself with the Remember Milk Task Manager

" Remember the Milk" a funny website name that is no where related to Milk as it sounds to be one. It is a Growing Online Task Manager that has an enormous built in potential and features for a daily user.

Remember the Milk has currently about 200,000 users after being launched back in less than 2yrs. Remember the Milk is currently a Free Registration Task Manager service that lets users to Create an Unlimited Number of Task Lists .

Once you Create a Task List you have various Features like Reminding yourself about the Tasks through Email, RSS Feed or Instant Message to your Messenger Service. It even lets you Geo Tag your List of Taks. You can add the Location of the Tasks Schedules with the Integrated Google Maps Feature on the Reminder Service.

Some of the Best Features of RTM(Remember the Milk) is the Offline Feature, Compatabile to any Operating System, Integration with Other services like Twitter, Netvibes and finally sharing the Tasks with other Users. Further you can even set Reminders in your RTM task list so that other users can be Informed about the Scheduled Tasks.

RTM's Offline Feature lets users to Download their Task lists on to their PC and work with it without connecting to the Internet. You can also send or receive reminders to or from RTM Task Manager from either a Cellphone or Instant Messenger like AOl, Yahoo or Gtalk etc.

Recently RTM has allowed Third Party Service Integration where users can receive reminders on Twitter, Netvibes, RSS Feeds etc . RTM also supports Skype, Gadu Gadu, AIM services.

Remember the Milk service might not be as popular as Microsoft Outlook but it is sure to be a great service with Enormous features. It is just going to be a matter of Time for it to Grow out.
Check out their Blog for the Upcoming Features on Remember the Milk!.

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