Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Ping Sites For a Blog,Which One Do You Use With Your Blog

Well if there is anything that you would get for Free that would be "Advice". I have a Question in My Mind that Does Pinging Sites really Work Good For Your Blog. Well the Answer Seems to be Ambivalent. What do you Think?.

I have been Using Sites Like Pingomatic, AutoPinger, Pingoat for a Couple of Days and have been Finding Traffic From Various Sites. A Pinger Service is Basically one that Would Notify a Number of Web Services and Blogs that an Update has Happened on Your Blog and It Needs to be Indexed For the New Updates. So the Crawlers Crawl and Index your Blog Leading to Increase in Popularity of Your Blog.

Pingoat is My Personal Favourite Pinging Service among the Three Ping Services that i use With my Blog. Pingoat is by Design a Neat, Simple and an Easy Service to Use. I also like Autopinger Feature that Shows the Ping Health Rate letting you Know at What rate your Ping would actually Help you in Getting Indexed and Crawled. The Higher the Percentage of Ping Quality the Better and Faster by the Crawler.

What Pinging Services have you been Using. I Would be Interested in Learning about Other Pinginig Services.If you like my post you can subscribe to my Newsletter for my Future posts.

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