Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Meebo the Multi Network Revolutionary Internet Messenger Service

Is there anyone who doesnt use either the Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, MSN Messenger, AOL or any other Messenger service? The answer YES'S would out weigh the NO's. But here is another Messenger that i have been using for a couple of days. Meebo a Multi Network Messenger service that can be used on the website meebo.

Meebo was started off by Seth Stenberg along with some smart people surrounding him. As he always says "Surround yourself with smart people because its not you but the team ". Meebo has been a traffic rate of 20 million messages per day and with about 400,000 logging in daily.

The best feature about Meebo is that it lets you Integrate all your messengers in to a single service. Once you Login into your Meebo Service you could add you messenger accounts like the Gtalk,Yahoo,AOL,MSN,ICQ or the Jabber and you can have all your friends from different messengers in a single account

Meebo has been a hit among young students because of its simplicity and ease of use. No Downloads No tricks all you need to do is to go to Meebo and login. Once you are authenticated you are on your way connected to different messenger services with one account.

What more Meebo even allows you to add widgets and you could place the widget in your Blog to chat with your visitors. Meebo also offers chat rooms to discuss on current topics,news and also watch videos and media.

Meebo indeed seems to be a revolutionary in the messenger service world. with more that Half Million users using the service it could hurt the Aol's and yahoo's and the Google's. What do you think ?? Do post your comments.

Latest News: Meebo is compatible to be used on the Iphone that was recently launched by Apple. Here is the article at macrumorsworld.

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