Saturday, July 28, 2007

Joost Invitations Available - The Free Internet TV

Joost is probably another P2p Internet TV service similar to Sopcast, Tivo and TVU players. But looking at the success of Joost this new kind in the block seems to be a far more potential player than the ones in the past.

Joost is currently a service that is still by Invitation and has about 1 Million users across the world. Joost is probably going to change the way current users are watching Television. Joost lets users to Broadcast TV over the Internet from networks like MTV and National Geographic Channel. Joost TV includes a Search Feature, Chat and Instant Messaging along with Online TV.

The Best Feature about Joost is that it lets users to view Programs as and when they are like to view it and it is totally free. Joost is supported by Ad service for Revenue. So all you need to is a PC with a Broad Band Connection and you are ready to Watch Online TV.

I still have Invitations Left for Joost. If any one needs one Post your Comments with your Name and Email Address I will send an Invitation to them. Please do not Post Anonymous user names.

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