Thursday, July 19, 2007

Ideas Can Strike Your Mind Anytime: Use Jott Online Service

I came across this website accidentally and this was is what the first few lines of the product review said:

Have you ever ...... felt like you don't remember things you should? Gifts to buy, a stroke of genius, a song to download, a cab fare?

9/10 of the Opinions would be an "YES". Jott is an Online Beta Service that Transcribes your audio Phone messages into Texts and Sends them to your Emails. The moment i read about the idea i like it. How many Times have we thought of Something and Forgot about it in Instant Seconds or Forgot to Recall it at a Later Time. This could be a Great tool for the Future where Times seems to be Money.

Well one could argue that you could probably write the ideas you get or Note it Down Somewhere on Paper. But what if situations are that you don't have a Pen or Paper at Hand But all you have is your Cellphone. With the Phenomenal growth of Cellphones all across the World every "Tom -Harry -Shiva" has a cellphone. Jott is an Online Service that would let Users to Call up a Toll Free number and leave a Message( The Great Idea that stuck in your mind while surfing Juss kidding). The Voice Message is Transcribed into a Text Message and is sent to your Jott Email Service.

The Voice Message is not restricted such that it can be sent only to your Jott Inbox but could be sent to any Contacts in your List. Jott is an Absolute Free service and is still in Beta. Unfortunately the service is still in Beta. Only users in United States and Canada can use this Service.

Well i really like the Idea of Transcribing Voice calls to Emails. It is a Great Idea and Hope it succeeds once it is out in the Future.Have you used any other service like Jott.
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