Thursday, July 19, 2007

How to Uninstall Software's Completely: Your Unistaller

Have you Faced the Issue that you liked Some Brand New Software. Installed and Used the Software for a Couple of Days and than Unistalled it. But Wait The Installation completed Successfully But not the Unistallation. Well Your Unistaller is a great tool to remove unwanted files that were left over by the Incomplete unistallation process.

Your Uninstaller Software is available to Try for 30days for absolutely Free. Your Uninstaller is available in Two Different Modes. The Basic and the Pro Version. Here is a Screenshot of the Unistaller Software Tool.
The above Screenshot Shows the Programs and Screensavers that are installed on your PC. When you want to Uninstall a software from your PC all you need to do is to Double Click the Icon corresponding to the Software that needs to be Uninstalled.

Doubleclick of the Icon results in three processes in the Background:
  • The Software's Uninstaller programs runs removing all the files
  • Second the Unistaller Scans the Registry to remove any entries that are left over by the Uninstall process
  • Finally it scand the installation folders used by the programs for Leftover files.
The Pro Version of Your Uninstaller 2006 offers features to disable programs to start at Windows Startup and also repair Corrupted Unistallation Programs. The latest Version of the Your Uninstaller is Compatible with Windows Vista and it just occupies about 3.7MB of Disk Space. The Pro Version also offers a Backup of the Registry incase problems arise after an Uninstallation Process.

The Backup Feature is an Excellent Option and i have been using it incase a problem occurs an Uninstallation process. Have you used anyother Uninstallation softwares. Post your Comments
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