Wednesday, July 25, 2007

How to Get Yahoo Traffic with My Yahoo and Yahoo Answers

Comparing my Google Analytics Results from the June Month to July Month. I have seen a Significant Increase in Traffic coming from Yahoo Search Engine.

When Compared to Google my Yahoo Traffic has been Significantly far less in Numbers. 90% of my Traffic has been coming from Google and the rest from various Search Engines. I have seen a significant increase in Numbers from Yahoo for Two Reasons

Subscribe your Blog Feed in MY Yahoo!
This is a well know option that is known across the Blogging World. You can subscribe to your Blog Feed in your My Yahoo! account. I have been testing this technique and it has produced an increase in traffic to my blog from Yahoo Search Engine.

Answer Questions in Yahoo Answers with a Related Web link to your Blog
I have tried this technique to one of my Test Blog. All you need to do is Register with a Yahoo ID and answer relevant Questions in Yahoo Answers. Yahoo Answers even provides an Option to add a Link in your Profile . The best option is to Answer Questions in your Blog relevant Area.

For Example if your Blog is related to Software you could Answer questions in the Computer and Internet Section. If the Questions are related to a Particular Post in your Blog you could Post Links to your Blog.

As Yahoo Crawler would Index Yahoo Answers Website there is a genuine reason for a significant increase in Yahoo Traffic to your Blog. This could be a significant way to increase your links to your Blog and at the Same time Find Yahoo Traffic to your Blog.

It seems to increase Yahoo Traffic for me.. Has it worked for you. I would be interested if it has worked for you. Post your Comments
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