Thursday, July 26, 2007

How Often Should you Defragment your Hard Disk

I have been asking this Question myself as to How often you should Defragment your Hardisk for ideal Processing and Access Speed of your Disk.

There are several Utilities along with the built in like the Diskeeper 2007 available in the market for improving Hard disk performance.

After Discussion on this Topic we can classify PC users in to three Categories.
  • Minimal users
  • Moderate users
  • Advanced users
Minimal Users: These are basically users who use their PC's for a minimal use. They probably use their PC for an occasional Game, Letter Writing, Power Point Presentation etc. If you fall in to this category you can Defragment your Hard Disk once a Month. You can Defragment more than Once a month but the Energy and Time spent on it isn't worth the Effort.

Moderate users: Most of user would fall in this Category. These users probably use the PC's to check Mail, Instant Messaging, Videos, News , Photo Upload, Music Download and Listening etc. These users also fall in to the category of Adding and Removing Programs from there PC's. They usually fall in to the Category of Home Officers and House Wifes and Bloggers. An Moderate amount of Drive usage will usually Fragment your Hard Disk to a Significant Extent. These users should Fragment their Hard Disks Once a Week for Better Performance of their Hard disk.

Advanced Users: Most of the Computer Geeks, Software Developers, Programmers, Online Game Fans etc Fall in this category. Advanced Users spend a Significant amount of time infront of their PC's. Their is enormous utilization of the Hard Disk with Installations, Deletions, Uploading, Downloading etc. A High activity of File movement and Creation on the hard disk causes a Large Fragmentation of the files. These users should typically defragment their Hard disks once a day to improve the Performance of their Hard Drives. If the drives are not fragmented regularly their PC's performance can get degraded to Great Extent.

So Which Category do you Fall into among the three users. Post your comments in the Comments Section.

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Anonymous said...

i think most users today would fall into the second catergory bordering on the third. With gaming, music, movies becoming so prominent on the computer now, most systems are put to intensive use. I think they are also susceptible to fast fragmentation which is like old age, it gets to each system eventually rendering it slow and unstable.

Kishore Reddy said...

Yes most of us will fall in to the Second Category. You need to defragment your hard disk once a week to optimize your hard disk performance