Saturday, July 14, 2007

Google Maps adds YouTube Video on Mapplets

First it was Googe Maps then came the unbelievable Street maps and now it is the YouTube video maps. Google has introduced this new feature of mapping Youtube Video's in Google Maps. You need to add this new feature to your Google Maps and once it is added. Google maps will show up the Youtube video's that are Recently uploaded across the world into YouTube.

You could see videos like "my favourite dog" uploaded in Kansas city to Shivaji Video trailer uploaded in Bangalore,India. What more you can even view the Youtube Video Right there in the Google Maps. But there is a restriction that if the user who has uploaded the video doesnt allow the video to be embedded in page..Then all you can do is to double click the video and view it in
It looks like the Mashing Feature that is buzzing all around across social websites like the Facebook seems to be driving traffic like nuts to websites. Facebook had reported that the ilike application that was added to Facebook led to crashing of its 2 web servers as they couldnt handle the traffic. Facebook had opened its doors to any developers to develop applications and allow them to be added to FaceBook. Is google trying to adapt to Mashing Culture or its just an integrating feature of Google or is it that Opening of Open source world.

What do you think. Have you used the New feature of Youtube Videos in Google Maps. Do you like the new feature. Post your comments

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