Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Get Paid For Video Upload at MetaCafe.Com

Funny Moments At The Church - Amazing videos are here
Metacafe is One Cool Website that i have been using For Video Upload. This Video above has earned a Reward of $3000 for being the Most Funny Video Uploaded at Metacafe. Metacafe has a Cool Program Known as "Product Reward" Where Users are Rewarded for Uploading Videos to the MetaCafe Site. The Video's have to be Original and you should Own the Ownership Rights for the Video. The Good thing is that once you Upload the Video's you still Own the Ownership Rights of the Video

Metacafe Rewards Video Uploaders Once a Video has been viewed for abour 20,000 Times. You would be Paid $5 for every 1000 Views of a Video. With a Viewership at 1 Million Viewers Per Day Metacafe seems to a great Place for Video Geeks. Have you Uploaded Videos to any Other Video Upload Sites.

I Personally Like Metacafe as you get Rewarded for your Videos unlike other Video Upload Sites like YouTube and Others. If you Have some Good Content Why Not Get Rewarded. For more Details Check out the Product Reward Program here
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