Friday, July 27, 2007

Eprompter Notifies Email Arrival at Gmail,Yahoo,Hotmail, Lycos

ePrompter is a simple Email Notification service that lets you check multiple Email services like AIM, AOL, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, Yahoo Beta, POP3, Earthlink, Excite, Juno, Lycos,, Mindspring, MSN, MyWay, Netscape, Rediffmail, SBC Yahoo and hundreds of other email domains.

ePrompter has a small Installation file that needs to be installed on your PC. Once installed you need to activate your Email accounts on the ePrompter. ePrompter refreshes itself every 15 minutes and fetches your email to the corresponding email account right in to your desktop.

ePrompter also has a feature to read the emails on your desktop and you can delete the emails once you read them. This particular feature is really usefull for users who maintain multiple accounts from different Email Service providers.

The latest version of ePrompter has fixed the Bug issues that prevented mail access to services like AIM, Netscape and Yahoo Beta Mail.

This is a great way to even avoid spam mails without having to visit the website to check your mail box.

A password protection service is also offered to users to protect from unauthorized access to your Email Accounts.

You can Download the ePrompter software for free from their website and here is an Youtube Tutorial helping users to setup ePrompter on thier PC.

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Michael said...

After reading this I thought I would leave a note about a tool that you can use to track how many times someone read your email.

I've been using BigString because its an easy way to send out emails....they self-destruct too!

Here's some more info I found if your interested:
BigString ( ), the new free webmail program, offers revolutionary features. When you send mail from your BigString account, you are protected. BigString is like an automatic shredder for your email. You can self-destruct or change an email that's already been sent or read. Don't leave your messages sitting in peoples' inbox forever.