Saturday, July 28, 2007

Encounter Unfamiliar File Extensions with Process Library

Evolution of Windows Operating System led even to the increase of Spy wares, Mal wares and Ad wares targeting the OS. There will be moments that you would encounter where a file for example the svhost.exe would look genuine enough but it is actually a Spyware that is running on your PC .

Process Library is a Great site that helps users to determine if a process file like ccapp.exe is a Genuine file or it is a Malware, Spyware.

Process Library will help the users to know the exact nature and purpose of any and every single process that is - or should not be - running on your PC.

Process Library has a enormous Database of all the files associated with Genuine Software and also those associated with Malware. With this enormous Database users can just type in the name of the file that they are suspicious about and you can get information about the files.

But there is a Risk involved in that a single file for Example ccapp.exe could be Genuine Symantec File or an Adware.w32.fastclick Adware file. So users need to be really careful if they are deleting files.

A good way of verifying if the files are associated with a Spware or a Genuine Process is to check its Origin. Check the Folders that are associated with the file. If the file is associated with a Folder that is far from Genuine than one has every reason to believe that it is a Spyware. Process Library Database also has a Firefox Extension that could be installed on your Firefox Browser. You can search for more Information about various Processes at their Website

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