Sunday, July 22, 2007

Earn Money With Video Upload

Couple of days back i had written a post on Metacafe Video Uploading Service. Revver is anothe video Upload service that could be used to Monetize your Home produced or Recorded Videos.

Revver differs from Metacafe in Many Ways. Revver not only shares income for Uploading videos but also for Sharing Videos. You like some video and share it in Digg, Face book , RSS feeds and podcasting.

Revver even has a Widget builder on its site so that you can embed the vidoes in the Widget and share it across your Blogs,Communities and Forums. Here is a Screenshot of Revver Video

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MetroJoint said...

MetroJoint a social networking site, has introduced a 'Producer Rewards' program that enables users to earn money by uploading videos on the site. The users start earning money once the video receives 5000 views.
Later, user's earnings goes on increasing per thousand view.

"This opens a great wave of enthusiasm amongst the video submitters in India, Pakistan and other countries where MetroJoint has good presence," says Kunal Pandya CEO of MetroJoint "Majority of South Asian nations sites does not have such a program."